What is the prefered Arcade setup a standup cabinet or a Sit down Cabinet

Okay I’m doing a business plan on an arcade what would be the prefered set up for fighting game arcade.

im not so sure bud, but i find my vewlix very comfortable to play (sit down) if this is for at ome i would think sir down would be preferred as you will most likely spend a lot of time on it, just my thoughts…

Its more of personal preferences. I perfer sitdowns. With the advantage of sitdowns, people in wheel chairs can play comfortably.

Mix it up, japanese cabs tend to be sit down, while american games and shooters tend to be standing. Also arcades should have more than only fighting games, shumps and sports are pretty iconic in the arcade scene as well.

Sit-downs imo. They sure have shown over time that sit-downs have taken over. Not to mention the right seats are awesome:wow:

Sit down, as long as no one steals your chairs and stools.