What is the preferred crossup MK combo?



I like the cross up MK >> c.MK >> Upball, but it doesn’t seem to land every time for me.

Also the cross up MK >> close MK(2hits) >> s.LP >> Blaka Ball is a nice combo, but that s.lp is a bitch to land consistently.

Not looking for anything with crazy hard links, but what your guys goto cross up that you can land every time.


j.MK > st.LP xx Elec

Usually I go for LP Elec, since it’s easier to to do (just mash LP) and has the fastest startup (along with EX).

You can also slide/piano HP Elec for more damage


j.MK > cr.MK xx LP Elec

That you can also do just mashing MK + LP together, that was my combo when I used to play on pad, but the Elec doesn’t connect on all characters…

I have real bad execution, so I’ll always go for the easy stuff, not the most useful/damaging combos…


I have a habit of always going for cr mk xx hp elec, but that’s kind of risky as it misses a lot of the time. I try to adjust and do cr lk xx hp elec instead, but that misses too. Perhaps it is indeed best to go for st lp xx hp elec as that always lands.


I usually do

j.MK, c.LK xx HP electricity
j.MK, s.MP, s.LP xx HP/EX electricity

against DP happy Sagat (because of his height you might end up pressing j.MK a tad earlier which if he blocks it makes moves like s.MP not a true block string)

so in this scenario I just do j.MK, s.LP xx HP electricity


depends on the character/tendencies of the player.

On fatter characters I will usually do cl.mp, st.lp xx hp elec
On skinnier characters I will usually do st.lk xx hp elec

sometimes I’ll go directly to sweep or do something with a short short starter if I need to hit ultra/super/3bar combo.

If it will close a round out, cl.mp > st.hk isn’t bad, as it’s really hard to mess up.