What is the root of low female participation in FGC tournies

I mean the game with the worst player base ever has Mia Rose’s ass, what is so scary for the ladies in Fighting Games. I like to feed my eyes during a tourney.

Posts like this is why women don’t go to tournaments, also out of shape men hitting on them, and the smell.

Tatsu’s not good enough for you?

  1. They can’t leave the kitchen
  2. Even if they somehow sneak out, they’re free at FGs and don’t appreciate getting blown up
  3. People like you oggling them whenever they make it out to tourneys/meetups to “feed your eyes” as if you’ve never seen a girl
  4. They don’t really like being at a venue filled with sweaty people who didn’t shower. I’m a guy and even I hate that.

Explain all them bitches at rts and moba things? Those places stink to high hell.

no in-game chat to type

  1. Gender Roles
  2. Gender Roles
  3. Gender Roles
  4. There’s no other women but them
  5. Girls typically don’t like the vidya.
  6. Even playboys act like total virgins the moment a girl is involved in ANY tournament.
    It practically doubles with a trap like Kayo.

What girl do you know grew up in a household that didn’t teach them to stay the fuck away from anything boys do, and that video games are not lady like? My sister, friends sisters, and girl friends in general have all been taught this. Its kind of obvious.

That, exactly that is why.


Think about this rant of Sanford Kelly.
Why is it still a mystery?

Probably for the money, but Women in Esports in general is no where near as much as Men. Hell in gaming, there are very few females in the large ratio of Men.


I’m certain we will be able to find the answer by not asking the very demographic you want to study …

oh wait …

Sanford said that Magneto was op in MVC2 I don’t take those salty rants seriously. XD

Some guys in the fighting game community are just as bad as animu guys when it comes to female participation at local events. It’s ridiculously out of touch and the hollering doesn’t draw them in at all.

That needs to change if ya want to get big.


He’s a good player but some of his rants make me laugh.

i wanna say its coz FG are strategy games like chess but involving instantaneous muscle memory reactions…but i said that once before on a topic similar to this one and i was called crazy for it.when i say strategy games i’m signifying that there’s a rock-papers-scissors theme to 'em.
mmmm. if we knew the statistics of how many females play FG at home, then we could maybe deduce that its just the gaming’s genre that turns them off and not the social setting of a tourny.

if females would answer why they like/dislike FGs…it would shed more light on this subject.
coz i find it mysterious as hell.

I really like FGs, but I’m ass at them. I attend majors to cheer on my friends, but I have never competed just for the sheer fact that I can’t play well. I have MK9, MVC3, UMVC3, and SSFIV:AE, but I just play for fun and stick to mission mode to learn basic combos…

I do think that the “tits” comments doesn’t sit well with females, and FG’s are just not interesting to most (not all ) females out there.


  1. FG has its roots in the arcades, which is a place where smelly guys clusterfuck together
  2. Misogyny is very strong in the FGC
  3. FGs are about fighting, which you would think would interest females less than other genres
  4. FGs require a lot more time commitment and are less accessible to casuals than other genres, and it’s rarer to find hardcore female gamers
  5. FGs focus a lot more in multiplayer than single player, and the odds of a female having a fellow FG player to play with isn’t as high as a male
  6. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/alyssa-bereznaks-gizmodo-article. To be fair, it’s hypocrisy for anyone to demand respect for females in the FCG when females generally don’t respect geeky hobbies.