What is the setups for Bison's crossup non-EX Psycho Crusher?

recently I got wrecked by a Bison who caught me off guard with PC crossups, which I didn’t know existed outside of the EX version. Usually off of a throw or quickstand. I was otherwise beating this player very badly when he used other characters.

I can’t seem to find them in the stickies. I’d like to know what they are before tomorrow.

any kind of knockdown is fair game

-the most common setup is combo->lk scissors -> mp/hp crusher. opponent has to tech for it to hit.

-slide knockdown, wait a bit (or shimmy), crusher

-j.mp x1, cr.mp -> hp crusher reset
or j.mp x1, cl.hp -> lp crusher reset

-lk scissors knockdown, (opponent doesn’t tech), whiff lp crusher, hp crusher

-combo into lp pc (usually off cr.lp, st. lk, cr.mk xx lp crusher), immediate hp crusher. opponent has to tech. character specific (doesn’t work on guile at all lul, why would any of bison’s stuff work on him)

-land u2, immediate ex-pc. strict timing, may be character specific.

-you can’t crusher after throw because Bison can’t maintain horizontal charge

The hp version of the cross up PC hits for 100 dmg, while the EX version hits for just 75 dmg. The setups for it are the same as the setups for the EX version. Any combo ending with scissor kicks can be followed up with a cross up PC after your opponent’s wake up. For this to work, you would have to anticipate that your opponent is going to tech the knockdown.

-lk scissors knockdown, (opponent doesn’t tech), whiff lp crusher, hp crusher
get auto correct on some character EX move, Yang/Yun got them…

I play some good twin last light online, there is some BS power for their moves and pokes, I mean I let ppl jump in for free (better than whiff S.HK and get punish)
but if they already pose great power then they still get free jump in + dive kick…
and what is their weakness? I notice their health not as much as I thought, so chip works good on them, and is kind of like bison mirror, you got to get in and get out quick don’t stay in the range too long, or look for reset opportunity

Yang is kind like Gen SRK kick + Rufus Dive kick +Ibuki teleport +some other character basic poke and imba Palm…
Abel spam grab I understand, Palm just too safe and I can’t mess with it…

Bnb into LP or MP Psycho (needs far reaching c.MP cancel) and reuse LP or HP psycho (if they block the crossup, you kinda escape free against most characters)

I found another one. Backthrow->slide (timing is tight, so plink it)-> hp crusher. It’s character specific and mostly safe. Midscreen only.

With this setup, here’s a listing of who it works on and whether Bison is safe from their reversals on wakeup.

Crosses up:
Ryu (safe, all reversals whiff)
Ken (safe)
Akuma (punish with teleport u2)
Evil Ryu (safe)
Balrog (can auto correct U1 to punish)
Sagat (can auto correct TU)
Chun (can punish with ex-sbk)
Yun (can punish with ex-upkicks, U1)
Yang (can punish with lk rollkick, U1)
Cammy (safe)
Cody (punish with U2 or mk super, but only partial damage)
Oni (safe)
Guy (can punish with auto correct tatsu)
Blanka (can punish with ground U2 for partial damage)
Dan (safe)
Dhalsim (safe)
Makoto (can punish with U1)
El Fuerte (safe)
Hakan (can punish with U2)
C. Viper (can punish with burnkicks, hp dp trades)

Doesn’t crossup on:
Guile (seriously…?, safe though)
Deejay (safe)
Fei (safe)
Zangief (safe)
Seth (safe)
Sakura (safe)
Rufus (safe)
Adon (safe)
Rose (safe)
Gouken (safe)
Bison (safe)
Vega (safe)
T.Hawk (safe)
Juri (safe)
Ibuki (safe)
Dudley (safe)

Some characters can punish after they just block, but you can check Ex.Psycho Safe Reversal Guide for those details.

Hmm usually when I do the slide I followup with lp crusher. Never thought to use hp. I might be thinking of a different setup though

You can cross up after throw with ex. Whiff a crouch MP to help with timing.
I’m one of the few Bison players that use it for some reason. It works pretty well use that shit.

Spider, good stuff. I just found another one: Back throw -> whiff st.mk -> hp crusher. It’s less safe though.

edit: Another. EX headstomp (grounded opponent), whiff skull diver (after you hit confirm headstomp) -> HP crusher. The skull diver is to help you keep spacing while retaining charge.