What is the state of 2d fighters right now?

3D fighters are what bring in the big bucks from the casual gamers, and the only people interested in 2D fighters anymore are us here at SRK… I feel like it’s the end of 2D fighters. CvS2 was the last good 2D fighter. I can’t see Capcom making any more 2D fighters, especially since CFJ bombed so bad… and it looks like KOF ended with 2003. With games like Tekken 5 and Sould Calibur 2 making shitloads of money, what incentive do companies have to make a 2D fighter anymore?


2d fighters are on life support. You still have some hardcore fans (the people who post on this site for example), but 2d fighters aren’t embraced by the mainstream like they used to be. Shit, if my friends walk in on me playing SF3TS they’ll usually ask me “why are you playing super nintendo games?” If my friends, who are casual gamers, think that way when they watch me playing SF on xbox I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that most casual players also think the way my friends think.

Eventually companies that are making 2d fighters now will stop and move on to making 3d fighters, where the profit is.

The companies have little to no incentive to produce any 2D game really. There are still a few trickling out here and there, but I believe the simple fact that top-grossing games are always be 3D. The average person will play them, thus more people buy them. The companies are out to make money, so we end up with a 3D market. Now introduce the fact that most fighting games don’t even make that much anymore and it’s quite obivous that 2D as a genre of any video game, much less fighting games will struggle.

Perhaps it’s bad taste, or maybe it’s lack of willingness to learn to play the game; but even if you like 2D and you want to make a 2D game, it’s so hard to make enough money to live off of with it that most won’t do it.

Uh, KOF XI is in loke right now. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum just came out, and there’s 5 more 2D fighters set for release over the next 5 months…

I definitely think that the arcade scene is dead for 2-d fighters. On consoles, it depends on the level of marketing. That’s why I’m hoping that SNKPlaymore will be able to put NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Samurai Shodown AW and King of Fighters XI on the US consoles with tons of advertising, like they did with Maximum Impact.

MI had marketing?

actually, yes it did

The only one I could think of is that WWE one. I did not see it on TV, but the official website did had it. Anybody remember that one?

2D games are only considered to be shit in the US, but…what do americans know? americans think wwe drama is entertaining enough to buy merchandise for

SNK will never stop, duh

Yeah, KoF XI is coming out, it didn’t ‘stop’ with 2003.

3d fighting games suuuuck. :tdown:

I think eventually people will get sick of 3D and go back to basics, once producing 2D becomes easier and maybe cheaper through technology. The new Soul Calibre game looks relatively the same.

2D art CAN change, depending on the artists, it can be more versatile than 3D sometimes. 3D games are starting to all look the same. I truly believe there will be a comeback to 2D games in the future or at least something that isn’t totally 3D.

True… unfortunately I don’t think a lot of arcade operators will be interested in even testing them :confused:

And I don’t think 2D is dead, because companies like SNKP and Sammy are still supporting the genre. In the other hand, I can count all the good 3D fighter sagas with my hand’s fingers (Soul Edge/Calibur, Virtua Fighter and Tekken).

If some casual gamer saw me playing Third Strike and said “Why are you playing Super Nintendo games?” I would go apeshit on them. No reason why such ignorant filth should be allowed to further pollute the Earth. :tdown:


You’re forgetting Mortal Kombat, which is selling MILLIONS.

Maybe cell shading? (Ex. Jet Set Radio)

Even cell shading can’t compare to true 2D, although it does look amazing. To be honest, I haven’t seen a single fighter (2D or 3D) that looks and flows better than SF3. I doubt there will ever be a game that looks like SF3 again which is one of the saddest things ever. :frowning:

Arent the (awful) new DBZ games cell shaded?

Is MK really selling millions? What a sad world.

For consoles, in the next generation 2D fighters will either die or regain the feeling in their legs.

Microsoft and Sony stated that they will only be accepting hi res games(DOA3U is not hi res enough by their standards). If Nintendo says the same then the only way to get 2D fighters on next gen consoles is to up the production costs for hi res(which would only yeild profit for high profile franchises) or to stay low res and sell it for cheap on the Revolution as an online download if it turns out that 3rd parties can support the Revolution this way(also it seems this way is not profittable). So SF4 will be the last truely new 2D fighter Capcom will make.

I guess if the worst happens then SammySega and SNK really would merge and make their own console, either that or adapt.

Why the fuck would they say such STUPID things?