What is the status of PCB compatibility with next-gen consoles?

I’m making a custom stick for my friend right now, and was planning on using a universal PCB so that it works on PS3, PS4, PC, and Xbox One. I remember hearing at the beginning of the generation that the next-gen consoles would work similar to PCs as far as controller compatibility goes, but someone just told me that not only are they not universally compatible, apparently they aren’t compatible at all.

What is the status of this? Do PC controllers work on the next gen systems or is it padhack only?

You would need at minimum 2 PCBs to work on all consoles. I recommend 2 MKX pads or a mkx pad and a hfc4

This current generation uses PC architecture but are still bounded by console-specific limitations.

So padhack only. PhreakMods has something in the works even if its extrtnal.