What is the stick situation going to be at evo?(360/8-way)


Im just interested in finding out what kind of sticks you guys are planing on using for your games? I would also like to suggest, that you should make it optional wether or not you want to use 360’s or 8-way.I personaly have a hard time playing with 360’s in a game like MvC2,where 360,s make it really hard to block Magneto’s and exacute moves.
So if possible,you should brobobly make a poll or something and based on that decide on having one or the other or (preferably) both.





yes, please get switch sticks.




I am not confirming anything but the last 2 i went to B5 and EVO 2002 were both PERFECT 360’s . So I guess it be safe to assume they will be the same again.


Last year, they had a pole and switch sticks won, then they said “oh well we never said the pole would determine what kind of sticks we use” and they used 360s anyway.


actually, they used 360’s because they said although Switch sticks won, there wasn’t an overwhelming majority.


well I think they should have both. could someone please remind me why we need 360 DEGREES FOR AN 8 DEGREE GAME!?!?!?:mad:


Because 360 = 8 directions (or degrees as you want to call it), this has been discussed many times, i think the ‘custom joystick’ thread still has a discussion on it.


Yeah,wich comes out to be 360/8 angle= 45 degrees per angle (or direction as you would call it) it still makes no sence.


you aren’t making much sense lol, the 360 and the 8-way are practically the same damn thing, except the 8-way switches are mechanical, and the 360’s are optical. Maybe you read into the names too much, any joystick that moves in a circle is 360 degrees natrually, which is pretty much every joystick currently used, the people just decided to get fancy and call them 360s i guess.


the only problem I have with 360s is that when they break, they get anywhere from “slightly flaky”, to “it works when it wants to”, to “holy crap it just died all of a sudden”. When a switch breaks, you know it’s broken.

That and I just don’t like the feel of 360s…but that’s not exactly scientific, so I’ll just leave it at that.


And you dont have any sense!If you actualy made sticks (like my self) you would know the dynamic’s of a 360 (which you dont)Im not about to go into details about how they work, but if you choose to come back with another retort,I will pull up a link with schematics if that would make you happy.It’s not just a name.


Theres some confusion here over degrees and directions. 360 degrees = a circle, directions = the possible responses from a joystick. both 360 and switch sticks have 360 degrees of rotation (i.e. a circle), with 8 possible directions. The difference is in the method used to trigger those directions, and whether the borders are circular or cornered.

I agree that 360s are nowadays more overpriced hype than something that’s a lot better for a tournament, but a lot of things aren’t making much sense nowadays. Considering evo 2 months away now… it’ll be easier to let the status quo go on for this year, then just throw everything out and start over in 2004. Which explains enough for me :).


i domt know where to put this but in console games isnt it kinda lame ppl can pick contollers,i mean alot of times i react on the sound of a button so…ehh?


Oh well I guess at this point it doesn’t matter,seeing as how inkblot will never give this thread a gander or reply.And in the end we will all be using bunk 360’s. yay…


It would be nice if they had both kinds of sticks.


Lets not play the ‘ppl never listen to us’ game. Voicing an opinion is one thing, thinking that an opinion constitutes an evolution emergency is another matter.

From an equipment perspective having 360/switch is the same as having us/jap cabs, it seperates the crowd into ‘who wants to use what machine’ and would probably cause more unfair losses then fairer wins from people expecting to be able to use one thing and playing on another. Either way it’s best that evo be consistent, and if their going to wheel in the arcade machines mightaswell keep the theme going and use 360s.


The benefits far outweigh that single tactic imo, reacting on someone’s button press isn’t as helpful as using a joystick/pad I know is comfortable, and knowing that if it breaks it’s my fault not the directors.


I look at all the EVO threads. The answer’s already been posted – we had a poll for which type of stick and switch won by a small majority. Since nearly all the cabinets will already have 360s in them, we’re sticking with those.

Although some people don’t like the 360, they are just as accurate and reliable as a perfectly tuned switch stick.


…No…Just no.