What is the timing for quick work -> chimachangas?



I’m sitting here trying land to chimichangas and it’ll come out sometimes but definitely not all the time, and that’s while rapidly pressing H, tried just regular timing I rarely get it then too. There some trick to this? Or is my custom title more accurate than I thought it was?


I posted this in the Deadpool changes thread, but I’ll add it here as well.

It seems to me that getting the Chimichangas to come out after Quick Work depends on where they are in the air(I guess timing XD). Keep in mind that I am new and that I may have just gotten lucky. I’ve been in training/mission mode for the last 2 hours now, and I’ve just been trying this out. All of these were done against Chun-Li in Training room btw at the default spacing.

Quick Work L - Chimichangas = Press H as she starts descending. (Should be like right after the apex of the launch; pretty much pressing H right after QW; like a half second delay)

Quick Work M - Chimichangas = I would say about halfway of her descent from max height after QW. In training stage, the line roughly where Deadpool’s shoulders are are where you should be aiming to hit H.

Quick Work H - Chimichangas = Alright this one I’m like 99.9% sure on. Keep in mind the line where Chun-Li’s head is at when starting. When she is falling hit H as soon as she drops to that line.

I really hope some of the Deadpool pros try this out and can confirm that they they can get this to work. Hopefully I was able to provide some kind of help to you guys.

Edit: I’ll also try it at various distances and against different characters(smaller & bigger) and post my findings later on today.


Ah, thank you. And sorry about being a lazy scrub and not searching through the forums ;]


What I do is,

L version: I wait for the diagonal flash to disappear from deadpools shoulder blades.
M version: Wait until their head is in your life bar.
H version: Wait until their head is at the bottom of the X factor X.


I’ve found that first you have to have an idea of the timing which you can get from the other posts in the thread. To get the input more consistently you can mash H without fully depressing the button, which should let you mash a bit faster and be more likely to hit the chimichangas. This works for me on a Hori stick.


Try Chimichangas when the opponent is cornered. Its much easier then.


I’ve been trying to make blockstrings using the Quickwork >> Chimichangas cancel. They look like one-frame links. If you’ve played any SSF4 it’s the same story.

To safely cancel QW into CC on the ground for string purposes,

Quickwork :l: : The timing is as the white slash fx from his blades starts to shrink, right inbetween
where they’re biggest and when they almost disappear.

Quickwork :m: The timing is as he just begins to get up off of his knees, the frame is just after his last frames before
he gets up.

Quickwork :h: The timing is while he’s getting up, in between the first and last frames of his rising animation.

It doesn’t guarantee it but it’s at least an idea of where the frame you need to hit is to make the cancel. Lab and muscle memory
until someone finds a simpler way to cancel, I’m working on it.


There’s seriously a 2 or 3 frame window for this. It’s insane. Waiting until the players head is around the X for :h: Quick Work helped for me, too (Thanks WorstPlayer). But it’s a little tricky for different sized characters. This is going to take a lot of practice in training, no two ways about it. Muscle memory the hell out of this thing.


I don’t know if this will help anyone else but this made it a ton easier for me: the timing for the H is rhythmic.

The first “dash” sound where DP rushes forward is one “beat” and the actual hit on the opponent (another similar but slightly higher pitch “slash” sound) is “beat” two. Time your H press for the third “beat” (e.g. leave the same amount of time between the hit and your H as the amount of time between the initial slide forward and the hit) and the chimi comes out regularly.

You can time this just as easily by using the visual cues rather than auditory, but the first “beat” occurs when you actually see him dash forward with the trailing blur, not the instant you push the button for the command (there is a very slight delay). This works equally well for L, M and H quick work, although it seemed a lot more difficult to time the L quick work without listening to the sound (I notice a very slight delay between when he begins the dash animation and when I hear the sound on the L version that makes it more difficult to find the rhythm).


The reason why qw to chimi is so hard is because the window for the input is the same, no matter when you hit the opponent. At longer distances, you’ll be hitting with the later active frames of qw, so you’ll have to input chimi “faster”. (this is also why it’s a good idea for go by visual queues from Deadpool, not the hit, and not necessarily auditory). Remember since the input window is 2-frames, you can doubletap to functionally turn the window into 4-frame timing.

According to the guide, chimi is still something like -14 on block, though - might be safe-ish due to pushback, but I’m not really sure.