What is the "trick" to anti air?

Honestly my anti air game is so inconsistent that my record is better when I play players ranked 2000+ than some of the sub 1000 ranked players because the newbs haven’t “learned” that they aren’t supposed to jump in wildly yet. Heh. But seriously what is the key to Sim’s anti air B.HK and S.MK? Is B.HK really better than than high yoga flame?

Hk is better than Yoga flame by a lot, theres no way to be 100% consistant with AA’s, especially online

I am by no means a great sim player but my op is simply Hk is always better becuase HYF dose have a delay. In online match that delay will stretch becuase of lag and letting you get hit.

Now if this is an arcade/home match I would say only use the Yoga Flame if you catch the jump animation and pulling the High Flame about the time he is mid arc. Thou the Back High kick is more likely to connect.

goto training mode, record the character jumping in with early and late attacks as well as empty jump and experiment.

Well its certainly true that countering with the lag of online play is that much more difficult. That’s why online play favors offensive play style more so than if you were playing on the same machine. And that does not help Sim much, but it is what it is, right?

Seriously AA with sim is not always accurate, too much factor. Just play alot and make alot of mistake, is the only way to learn it…

B+HK , back MP, Jump MP, slide and ex blast.

Sometime the best AA is Guard…

I still got much trouble AA against Balrog,

b.RH is magical in my opinion or if they are right on top of you b.mp followed by a yoga fire to give you some distance

This thread should help you out a lot: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=168412

I only use EX up flame for last second type shit. Now if someone wiffs something like a H.k Gouken Hurrican you could use your h.k upflame and jungle with super or ultra after that. Overal the up flame is useless though.

Sim’s anti-airs are all about timing and positioning. Even online you should be able to stuff most of your opponent’s jump-in attempts, as long as you are able to correctly space yourself and use the appropiate AA for each situation.

Like someone else said, go to training mode and program, say, Ryu to jump in at you with RH. And then start AA’ing him until you can do it consistently. This is important because it’ll enable you to get a ‘feel’ for the timing and distance. Do this with the characters that give you the most trouble, an alternate the jump-in move so you can learn what beats what.

Hard to pull off.

i picked up sim about a month ago and this is one of the areas im having probs with sometimes. Bk.RH has been working pretty well for me so far but often i throw it out too early or too late and get stuffed by crappy jmp.rh>cr.rh moves. that and the fact im all too quick to throw out that extra fireball and also to teleport to the other side of the screen when the opponent isnt making a move toward me. i got totally stuffed by a fireball spamming sagat the other day who spent almost the whole match throwing hi and lo tiger shots with me frantically trying to dodge them all.

that was not fun at all…

slide under balls to mid screen, punish all fireballs with jump f.punch.

Not just jump fierce as predictability is bad, throwing out your own fireballs is a great tool too, especially the EX variety. They can either block, jump, or try to counter fireball. On block you can try to keep momentum with another fireball or mix in a crouch strong or something as a pre-emptive anti whatever. Jump Sim always has options against. And stand fierce standing fireballs, jump fierce crouching.

i found fireballs were pretty much inneffective against him, as a lp fireball was so slow (even the ex variety) and sagats shots so fast with such quick recovery he could easily throw out two to counter my 1 so i ended un resorting to jumping over them.

i really need to start recording my sim matches as anybody even half decent i just get totally railed atm.

Not fireballs when he can throw them, as that is dangerous, throwing out a jab fireball either when he’s in the air, knocked down, or otherwise unable to throw one out, since if he throws out one later than you do, you can often punish with standing fierce or jumping fierce.