What is the trick to Stone Smith?

been using skrull since vanilla but haven’t posted much here, i too am also using vergil wesker skrull and its doing real well for me, i must say, i got some cool new tech for that team been trying to record and stuff just haven’t had time but i had a question for you guys.

what is the trick to doing stone smith? (charge h) i been trying to tack this on to my combo’s for extended damage but to no avail, its so inconsistant i hit it maybe 2 out of 10 times, which is not practicl to do in a match, is there a trick to doing it? thanks for your help guys

Try to delay your M,M,H,S you want super skrull to be close to the ground as possible b4 you land your air S that way it gives him more time to charge his Stone Smite

Do you delay each hit, or just the starting one?

each hit

Does stone smite go through projectiles?