What is the ultimate Street Fighter player?

What would the perfect Street Fighter player be like? What I am asking is what sort of skills and attributes would he possess, and what would those skills and attributes mean?

Note, I am not asking here for “he would win every time.” Let’s let that go unstated and be somewhat realistic (no one can probably hit confirm a jab, for example, because they are human) but imagination is fine too.

I know it’s a vague question, but you might think of it like this - what are you playing for when you attempt to become better at your chosen SF? What would be the ultimate goal? Perfect execution, perfect zoning, a thorough knowledge of every character in a game and their weaknesses and strengths against every matchup, the ability to constantly throw new things at you while remaining (far) more than solid… what else? Or feel free to disagree with me here.

Just look up “Daigo” on youtube.

God, you’re smart.

perfect ST player is this guy i know named CPU. he’s so good he doesn’t need charge times and can walk forward blanka ball ALL the time. plus anything he does beats anything you do by a few frames in advance, especially on throws.

Fuckin’ beat me to it.

Your answers lie in this thread:

You’re pretty much asking the same question.

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these type of threads aren’t the same without polarity

me im da best ultimate street fighter player

its me

im the best street fighter player

Well, after 8 replies at least I got a link.

dat madden?

I can hit confirm Kens jabs, must mean I’m the best SF player lol. Seriously though, it’s pretty easy to hit confirm jabs in 3S.

In mother Russia, Ultimate Street Fighter plays YOU.

How on earth are you going to post a link to my thread before me? :arazz:

yeah man it’s really insane

i’ve tried on my emulator i turned it to level 8

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you have no chance on winning!!


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Do you mean against Tokido or in practice mode?

What the hell do I look like, of coarse practice mode and my dumbass friends, and I catch your drift. I’ll try to refrain from making any more dumbass comments, it’s hard though.

KK, in all seriousness, nobody can beat my dog at SF… nobody…

it’s your mom.