What is the value of keeping the original artwork intact?


Based on my experience, second-hand sticks in Tokyo were reduced in price considerably if they didn’t include the original packaging, let alone the original artwork. For a retail store, that is understandable. But what about the general community of stick owners?

Perhaps it depends on the stick. I am purchasing a Hori RAP VX SA. Once removed, the artwork is pretty much scrap. Does this considerably reduce the value of the stick, in your opinion?


for a collector, yes it would be worth a bit less

but also, a modded stick means that its a higher risk of malfunctioning because you do not know what else was done


I highly disagree, some mods are superior to the stock arcade stick.


That’s not the point. For a collector, once modded a stick has little value. Some mods can cause a stick to malfunction depending on how the mod was done and the skill of the modder. Some average person who doesn’t really mod swaps out stuff and does a sloppy job of it, well that stick literally has zero value outside the shell.