What is the way to implement an online mode in an emulator?


Hi, I really love fighting games like King of Fighters, and even more KOF 13, and I want the game to have a good netcode for fun with the guys, preferably free, and I want to make it work, so I’m here for some advice … I’m new to programming (ES), I tried to find a way to create a dedicated server in the Steam version, I also thought I could reverse engineer it * - *, then I discovered the “emulator” of Taito Type X2 and the source code of ggpofba and thought to start from here.
I know this is not done in a short time and I’ll probably be breaking some rules, but I really like KOF13 …
Does anyone have any tips on this?


I don’t know much about it, but from what I understand, netcode solutions like GGPO work well on older games because the game states of those old games are very small and can be synchronized quickly over the internet. With something like KOFXIII, that solution wouldn’t work because the game state is comparatively big.
You would need to understand what data needs to be synced and what doesn’t, which would require reverse engineering the game or having access to the source code.


It also really depend on the emulator used,
As for a particular emulator to use, I can’t help you with that.