What is this?


My dad went to the flea market and gave this to me.

I don’t know what do I use this for. First I thought it is to put your drink on top of it, but I see too little cillinders attached to it. Then it must’ve been for an action figure. If you guys know what it is, I greatly appreciate it.


that would be a sweet belt buckle


Now that you mention it. It would make a good belt buckle.


Looks like the stands that came with the Resaurus SF action figures.


It even said ReSaurus on the back


I had a Vega ReSaurus Figure on one of these once, until it Falling Claw Slashed in real life and promptly broke in half… I snapped the nubs off and used it as a coaster from then on till present. True Story.


In before “I hope it’s not Chris’s blood” :lol:


Damn. You beat me to it. :rofl: