What is turbo and why are they putting it on the madcatz sticks?


What exactly is turbo, I know they’re putting it on the madcatz sticks and i have heard that it is some type of cheating, but what does it do specifically? And if it is cheating, why are they putting it on the sticks?


Turbo = Rapid button fire

It’s not allowed in any tournaments. It’s useful for shooters and other games though.


Say youre playing on xbox live or something, though. Can you still use it?


It’s not a very useful “cheat”. I don’t think I would respect anyone who would use “the other person had turbo” as an excuse for losing a game…
Really, the possible uses of this function in a fighting game must be extremely limited.


Correct. What are you gonna do with the turbo? Spam that Roundhouse? I’m sure Markman thought of its uses, and i’m sure he made sure its use would be minimal and wouldn’t impact a match


I’m gonna be going turbo crazy, c.mp 30 times a second with Rose. Run that like I’m back on the SNES with my SNES Fighter Stick SN


oh, man. I used to wipe up with my Ascii pad SN back on the xband days. Well, untill I picked balrog, then I was fucked!


pick zangief, turn on turbo and spin that stick. Guaranteed reversals. That kinda stuff is definatly useful. Can’t give respect to players like that.


It also makes you nearly dizzy proof. Even if you get dizzied, turbo will get you out of it in under a second (which is not possible normally). Even though the Madcatz sticks have that on them, I’m not going to use it unless I play against multiple people who start abusing it. People do this right now on HD Remix, although it’s not very widespread. That’s most likely just because most people don’t have sticks with turbo functionality though. :mad:


don’t even have a thought of using the turbo button.

It’s cool it’s there but it’s totally useless feature for me.

if someone feels he/she need to use that to win then, k. :rolleyes: :arazz:


Chun’s lightning kicks & honda’s hand slap comes to mind.

But people using that will not be that difficult to rape, because most won’t even attempt the rest of those characters’ movelist.


It definitely has it’s uses in fighting games. Most notably when throwing and tech throwing. It’s an unfair advantage. Not to mention that it makes moves much easier to pull off since it’s better than doing a piano input.

I used turbo a lot when I had the Ascii Pad for the SNES. Turbo set my gaming skills back significantly when I went to the arcade and had to actually do moves.


You can install microcontrollers into the 360 controller for rapidfire/turbo. Mainly used for shooters, but I’ve heard that people have used it for fighting games.


Unless you’re playing SSF2T then you get a big advantage when it comes to throwing.


dude, anyone who thinks turbo is not a massive advantage must not know much about street fighter. throwing, huge advantage with turbo, techs, huge, dizzies, and so on. im glad Iv relys on focus attacks so much. you cant charge it with turbo on. even normal moves like a jab that would beat out a special, you can just hold jab. turbo IS cheap. i dont call many things cheap. no human can press a button that many times in a second. not cool. NOT cool.


turbo button in FGs is like aimbot (do those even exist anymore?) in fps games. its most damaging in ST and STHD, where reversals and stuff become trivial when using it; its hard to fuck up timing something when the button input activates on every possible frame. also good luck winning a throw battle against a turbo button user. its not like god mode or anything but its definitely an unfair advantage.

there are turbo buttons on the madcatz sticks because arcade sticks are also commonly bought and used for shmups, and a turbo button helps a lot there. i think its like a requirement that they (madcatz) put it on or something, even when the stick is obviously intended for fighters.


So, in summary turbo will let you:

-get free SPD’s on wakeup/or if your opponent messes up a link
-get free throws in ambigous situations
-always get a tech
-get out of dizzy in the shortest amount of time every time
-make very difficult rapid fire links in SF2 games much easier
-allow instant HHS/Lightning Kick/Electricity
-do insane damage with some custom combos
-do insane damage increase/reduction through mashing
-potentially always get a reversal or stuff a poke on wakeup.

Yeah, that’s pretty fucking broken. I would say it would make T. Hawk near or at top tier in ST since he pretty much is guaranteed that one loop he has in the corner (I’m not a T. Hawk player)


I never knew exactly what turbo did on sticks but I see its nothing I would use because it requires less skill. I have no intention on using turbo.


Back in the SNES days, I’d always use the turbo on the SNES advantage to do Chun Li’s lightning kick, E Honda’s hundred Hand Slap, and Blanka’s electricity. On NES games, I’d use turbo all of the time.

While I’d never use turbo in multi-player games, it is kinda fun to play around with in single player. I’m planning on using it on shooters. A lot of the newer shooters seem to have turbo as an option in the game (just hold the button down).


Probably its only use (Sirlin would know :P).

Turbo is best used for shoot 'em ups.

Edit for the above.