What is turtle style?

i was watching the daigo and j wong match and the guy said jwong is doing turtle style. what is that?

Someone who waits for his enemy to make a mistake and then punishes them for it. A very defensive player.

Nay- Just say Turtling, cause you will get clowned if you go up to someone saying “Man you Turtle style to much”

If you look closely… Justin was wearing a big fake turtle shell, with a bright blue mask over his eyes, with 2 katanas.
Rumors are that he likes pizza and shouts: “Cowabunga!”

Play safe, block, evade, wait.


Just read this young blood

don’t force openings, wait for them.

aight thanks

Just to be an ass, Michelangelo is the one who wears the ORANGE mask, with 2 NUNCHUCKS & loves pizza.

Leonardo is the one who wears the blue mask /w the 2 katanasa. :smiley:

Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines (teenage mutant ninja turtles)
Raphael is cool, but rude (gimme a break!)
Michalangelo is a party dude (Whaaaaaa!)

Oh god. I need to delete those episodes off my computer before it gets to me even more.

also important to remember that when the evil shredder attacks…

these turtle boys… dont cut him no slack…

information to live by

shredder + mousers = complete rush down

"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Man I love being a Turtle"

Q IS Casey Jones

That’s… a revelation.

Damn Turtles are annoying, I’ve been playing against JWong worshippers down at my arcade that all play Chun and just sit back and wait, you dash in, they FP/cr. FK/Super. You jump-in, they go for an unusual anti-air of some kind, and then sit back again.

You’d think you could just wait for them to come to you, but with Chun’s poke range and speed, the opponent is under no pressure, even if you both have 100% health and 10 seconds remaining the Chun player can just SA2 for block damage and runaway.

i’m pretty sure all of them loved pizzas.

even the rat guy did.

this my personal favoruite to what i’ve done to turtle chunlis …

*EXECUTED A SUPER (SA2 , obvious) *

  • trrrrtrtrt *
    *trrrrrtrtttr *
  • PARRY !! *
  • HEAD-BUTT !! *

alex … is the man
i did that many times

like the other guy said, all of them like pizza dumbass

Yeah, but Michalengelo’s the one /w the crazy appetite for pizza. Like an addiction. The other turtles like pizza, but they’re not as bad as Michalengelo.

Splinter had to use Kung Pow to get him to stop craving pizza in the episode where Shredder thinks that he’s Michalangelo.

I know my tutles, bitch.

then why did you try and correct this guy

i didnt see the part where he said “rumors are that he loves pizza more than any other turtle”

fall back son

Because Michalengelo is the only one that says “Cowabunga”.

Like I said before, I know my turtles, bitch.

Way to go on proving that you know absolutely nothing about TMNT.

And I’d like to thank you for sucking the fun out of this thread too. :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck ninja turtles