What is up with 360 patch?

I just got back from Tokyo and turned on KOFXII for 360 and downloaded a patch. What is this thing? I noticed by reading the forums while I was overseas that the PS3 one came out and people were still waiting for the 360 one… is this it? So far the online isn’t fixed at all but it seems like the cpu difficulty was adjusted. Can anyone set me straight on this? Are we still waiting for the online patch?

Ignition released 1 patch already for the game. We are currently waiting for the 2nd patch to be released.

Yeah I remember the first one… i definitely have downloaded two myself. Unless my game uninstalled and reinstalled itself without my knowledge I have downloaded two separate patches. So everyone else just downloaded the original one released quickly after release?

You are incorrect. I just popped in KOF12 in to see if I get prompted for the new patch and I didnt. Ive only downloaded 1 patch.

Very odd, my machine must be doing something funny.

not a 100% but before (nxe) the 360 used to auto delete patches on games not played for a while.

not sure if it does or doesnt still do this.

Damn any word yet?!

Everyone is hoping that it’s tomorrow. Seeing as that what the next planned system update for Xbox 360 hopefully the patch is amongst that… like how sony did their firmware update or whatever.


I really hope they release the patch tomorrow then… I’m tired of waiting.

This system update will come up by midnight or later in the day?

Don’t pay attention to what Blooddrunk’s posts. If it happens tomorrow, great, but don’t ride your hopes on his words haha.

Game updates/patches have nothing to do with XBox 360 system updates. None have ever been released alongside one or delayed because of it.

Ignition hasn’t said anything on their forum or facebook in a long time, I wish they’d contact MS and give us an update.

Yea weird I also downloaded two patches, one a little after the game came out and the other like 3 weeks ago or so

Theres only been one patch. If you’ve downloaded more than one you’re just re-downloading the first title update, since you’ve played more than 5 games with autoupdates since you last played KOF XII.

I’m talking from the entire KOF facebook site that Ignition made as well as their own forums. EVERYONE on there has made the assumption that it will release with the system update. That’s what PS3 did that’s what 360 users expect/hope for. They aren’t my words, they’re pretty much the entire KOF XII communities words. So fuck you.

microsoft need to pressure them since they are treating 360 like the second class system.

To be fair this is only the third time you’ve brought our hopes up. Doesn’t matter if its what some community told you, it’s the fact that you’re telling us without linking any proof from a legit source and a link to a page where multiple fans are assuming when it will release doesn’t count.

Microsoft won’t say shit about there update we all should know this… even the fans asked when it was going to be released… they responded with they don’t know about the release of the patch… or cant release the information… it may possibly be in the system update… some bullshit like that D: this is unfair microsoft… freaking let us know same with SNKP and Ignition.

Again the two are unrelated, you know as much about the patch or its release date as the rest of us: not a damned thing so stfu.

So…nobody knows, Got it :frowning:

I hope it drops before October 6th (NBA 2k10)

It better drop before October 27th or all hope is lost for this game f’real.