What is with the input lag?

So, I finally broke down and got one of the SF4 fighting pads to play this on XBOX 360 because I found it completely uplayable with the standard XBOX 360 controller. Now, before anybody turns this into a “That controller sucks, get XYZ Joystick,” I just wanted to say that I think the problem lies in the game itself. The first thing I noticed (and this is playing OFFLINE) is that it’s still difficult to do the Forward, Down, Down-Forward motions as well as consistently do Hadokens.

Now, the reason I think it’s the game, is that I loaded up the old DEAD OR ALIVE 4 disc and stroll into training mode and have absolutely ZERO PROBLEM spamming out FORWARD, DOWN, DOWN-FORWARD and FORWARD, DOWN-FORWARD, FORWARD moves. On the training menu for DOA 4, it logs your inputs and I easily (and quickly ) input any command I wanted without missing. Not the case at all in HD Remix where it feels like you have to overcompensate every move. I also tried out the demos of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Samurai Showdown 2 and didn’t have the problem.

Do you have your dpad switch actually set to dpad and not to LS or RS?

Also, HDR and ST are stricter than most games in their inputs, you need to be more accurate and faster.

Like Fuulani said, the inputs for HDR are probably tighter than the other games. I don’t find there is any input lag with HDR. I find input lag with Hyper Fighting and the Anniversary collection version of Hyper SF and 3rd Strike, but HDR is a lot more responsive than those to me. If you are finding input lag, then it could be your display if it’s LCD…

I tried playing ST on GGPO the other day with no avail. It was pretty much input lag city. Wasn’t sure if it was because the panel on my laptop is shit and laggy, or it could be input lag with the PS2/USB converter (this is with input lag turned off in the options).

Did you turn the input delay off on GGPO?

That’s my main problem… just go into options and turn that shit all the way off… then its smooth sailing bro… you especially need this for 3s if you play it… if not parrying is impossible imo…

Are you having the same problems in practice mode? If not, you probably want to turn off ‘network smoothing’.

Yep, but like I said, the input lag could be coming from the LCD itself (just a run of the mill laptop panel), or the Playstation > USB converter. I’m still convinced that some emulators are a bit more responsive (I think it was Kawaks), but I can’t substantiate these claims as I have no way of testing, other than it just felt more responsive.

Hmmmm, I do have trouble with my reversals. Since its so exact. I play on a laptop too.

Well I might do some testing later, but I found a post via Google that suggests that the main emulators have 2 frames of input lag with audio enabled. Seems weird that audio would lag the input response, but who knows.