What is wrong with my mc cthulhu board /stick?

so i have this mc cthulu installed inside my arcade stick with an rj45 mod
but when i plug in my cable to the ps3 and the stick it does nothing the stick
doesn’t work but when i plug in my usb2.0 directly inside my side it works
what is wrong with it?

Its the connection with the RJ45

could there be another reason? i brought the stick from a custom stick maker and the cables from another modder
do i have to hold down buttons? as i plug it into my ps3?

No, it has auto detect. you need to check the continuity on the G-V lines on the imp all the way through to the neutrik, or try another rj45-usb cable
EDIT: does it work on 360? have you updated the firmware on the cthulhu?

It depends on the imp version is being used, v2 has auto detection but I believe v1 you have to hold a button to swap between 360 and PS3

hmm i am unsure whats wrong for refence my stick is the one by soujistiks the purple psylock one

take a pic of the rj-45 wires attached to the chthulu… the wire pattern might not match what the pin out is on the cable… more than likely its not working due to a mis-wire on the cthulu

is it this stick? if so it does not support 360 and I would guess it would be an issue with the cord from the MC to the RJ45 jack

I don’t follow what you mean - confusing information.

What do you mean when you say it works in your usb2.0? If the cable works on your PC then there is no reason why it wouldn’t work on your PS3 unless the console itself has a fault.

Plug it into a PC and tell us what it comes up with in the gamecontrollers.exe program. If it comes up with nothing or an error message then try a replacement cable. Also try running a standard USB printer cable between the MC Cthulhu’s usb jack and a PC to eliminate a problem on that end.

Once you can isolate the problem then you can return whichever faulty item back to the person who sold it to you for repairs.

No, you do not have to hold any buttons down.
Try the cables (both the RJ45-> USB and the regular USB cable you plugged into the MC Cthulhu directly) on a PC, and see if they show up in the Game Controller’s applet of the control panel.

Ok what i meant by usb 2.0 was i plug a printer cable directly into the mc cthulu and it showed up and i can
also plug it into a ps3 and it works but when i tried the rj45 cable plugged into the neutrik it doesnt show up
on the pc or ps3

so was it the stick shown in the link above in my post?

Then logic suggests you try a different RJ45 cable…

Also worth using a multimeter to check continuity between the MC Cthulhu and jack.

yes it is the same stick