What Is Wrong With Not Having Items In Tournament Play?

I dare someone to answer this question! And THEN compare it to: WHAT IS WRONG WITH HAVING ITEMS IN TOURNAMENTS.

I know there is an EVO tournament rules thread. But some/most of us aren’t going to that. So this is in general of all tournaments to come.

We are going to argue. And it’s going to get pretty intense so prepare yourself, before posting in here…:wgrin:


We don’t have control over other tournaments besides EVO (At least I think we don’t) so more than likely items will probably be off since everyone else follows smashboards rules. That simple enough for you? This thread better not become some bitch fest.

U do know I favor Items being off. So this thread is for someone to come in here and tell us why having items off is a bad idea!!!

Blocks facepalm :arazz:


Items practically break the game. You ever have a bomb appear in front you in the midst of an attack, killing you and ending the match because of a random number?

edit: thanks for the neg rep, howzabout we have an actual discussion?


I love items for fun matches with friends. But seriously, they are far too random for professional tournaments. The only thing I could see an argument for is Smash Balls, since the way they are implemented makes it a certain degree of skill to grab and use them, and in many cases they are strategically interesting to a character’s game too.

Someone needs to tell Nintendo that random != fun. I hate how the lightning/clock effects are completely random, so getting them hurts you as much as it helps.

LOL yea that happens to me too.

Me: Sweet I found a clock!

uses it

Me: Wow I feel a lot slower…what?! No!

That’s how it always goes.

unless you’re arguing for tournament stability, that’s a pretty bad argument. I’ve played with items on plenty of times in Melee and SSBB. I have heard of this exact situation happening only one other time in Melee. also, if bombs were the only ones like that, why not just take out all bombs? last but not least, you can pick up an item in the midst of attack in SSBB. i’m not calling you dumb or anything, it can be pretty easy to overlook stuff… but maybe that’s why you got neg repped

this is kinda how I feel. except I’ll play with items if I have to, don’t really care. but I prefer them off

SSBB was made for 4 people to play at the same time. In a multiplayer game, specifically FFA, chaos = BIG fun. In fact, chaos is what MAKES games like these fun. about the random aspects of the items, I think those were put in to make it so getting them didn’t mean it was game over.

Theres an actual discussion thats been going on for 100 pages with the same tired arguments and counter arguments that are only going to be repeated here with the same results.

And u my friend must didn’t read the first post in this thread.

But judging on your avatar…well I see where u stand anyways…LOL!

Close this thread.

Smartest post in this thread.