What is wrong with SFA3?

Why is this game not being played more competitively? I think it’s an amazing game with a lot of depth.

I personally love it, but I believe many found it too deep. I know it pushed a lot of people in michigan away because of the V-ism. We had a lot of good players who never evolved past X-ism here.

Personally, as much as I love the game the escapable juggles turn pretty boring after a while. I end up having more fun with SFA2.
Competitively, in no position to talk about it. :wonder:

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i’m on this on ggpo like every day ( geostigma, main is v-rolento )
there’s definitely a solid player base, the skill level has just hit a glass ceiling because the game is actually broken in so many ways that there’s really nothing new to discover probably, and new players get discouraged really fast after getting hit by some of the insanely retarded shit, and really i can’t blame them persay, the game is not for everyone

it can definitely be fun at high level, in that hokuto no ken / xvsf way, but it doesn’t necessarily attract new players because it’s really hard, almost masterclass hard when you consider that one mistake can cost you the match

I would love to see it at Evo; even if it’s just in the form of a side event.

Come to the UK for A3. We still host tourneys for it.

I’ve personally got into it recently myself. Its good fun.

Awesome in a lot of ways, but yeah v-ism and the utter shit fireball damage are two reasons I don’t really play it that much.

definitely understand the XvSF analogy.

I’ve seen a3 specialists look at XvSF and say this game makes so much sense.

Yeah, you can get hit into an infinite and lose a whole character like that. But the game still exists around it. Like whether you get hit into an infinite or get hit by a 6 hit combo, there’s only certain ways to land certain moves. If your infinite starts with j.3K lariat with Gief you still have to land that move. The game is still there, it’s just that certain moves can kill you.

and honestly, it’s how you play the game. Learning to attack in ways where you can’t get countered by an infinite. Easier said than done. But there are plenty of characters in both XvSF and A3 that wreck havoc without a practical infinite.

v-sim is whats wrong :{

Only a few of my friends are cool with this game. Everyone else hates it cuz of V-Ism…I personally think V-Ism is what made it exciting to watch. I watched videos of this game on a-cho, Akuma players seemed to dominate there. Oh yeah, Xenozip’s Karin video is awesome [media=youtube]xZCdukca-tE[/media]

its all about the x-dhalsim
yoga flame!

That game is for anime phags.

To me, it feels unbalanced compared Street Fighter Zero 2. Still enjoyable. And also, I hate the new, ORIGINAL music. Give me Ryu’s old theme. And Gen’s theme.

Guy 4 Life.

Do you play this on Kaillera at all?
I wouldn’t mind getting into this game :lovin:

it usually goes player 1 starts with full meter of v-ism than lands custom on player 2. player 2 than lands custom on player 1 while player 1 gains meter back and lands it back on player 2 and repeat.

I use GGPO. You should jump on there are a couple of UK heads on there.

These days I’m quite busy to get on GGPO but look out for the other guys.

That’s like saying 3rd strike is nothing but parry everything.

It usually goes both guys sit on their meter until the other guy fucks up and gets punished. If they’re both playing smart, it’s not uncommon for the meter to never get used, or not used until the end of the match.

Also Aism guys never use level 3s against V-ism.

A3 is the only reason I wanted to try GGPO. Unfortunately GGPO refuses to work on my machine.