What is wrong with the controls?


Just got this on PS3, and am having real issues get moves to come out. Using Ken I get like 75% success on fireballs and dragon punches using my saturn USB. Plug it into the PC and emulate an old arcade SF2 and I can hit them 99% of the time, same on SFIV, same on pretty much any SF game I’ve ever played?

This issue is really holding me back! I know for SFIV and some other games the move inputs are really slack and you can get away with anything close to the required input, I’m guessing its the way HDR been programmed you need to be a lot more exact?


practice,practice,practice.it took me a while to get used to the strictness and now im spammin lp dragons like there going out of fashion:rofl:


HDR is the same as SSF2T in most inputs and slightly more lenient with a few of them, so if you can do the moves fine on a PC SSF2T but not on PS3 HDR I can only assume there’s some problem with the PS3 introducing lag to the Saturn pad through USB adaptor or whatever it is you’re using. :frowning:


Cheers for the replies. I wasn’t actually playing Super Turbo on the PC, just regular hyper fighting. Actually that made me think, the only other console I struggle on with the moves is 3DO version of SSF2T, so is Super Turbo more fussy about motion inputs than other games? But then PS2 hyper street fighter is no problem at all, even with the dual shock…

Personally I still think somethings wrong, the timing and way I have to do the quarter circles feels so different from playing IV, I just can’t get on with HD remix at all.


The way motions work in the IV series and the II series is very different.


Since you say you have no trouble doing motions in emulated Hyper Fighting, your problem is very likely to be your Saturn-to-PS3 adapter. Ideally, try a native PS3 stick for a bit and see how you fare.


Just as a side note, I hope whoever Sony employee decided to have a “SNES d-pad with a hole” in the PS controller dies a most horrible death. Really.


If you can do stuff in HF, which can’t be that much different than ST in terms of input windows, its gotta be the pad and the PS3.

I do fine switching between SFs.


I’ve often thought this, maybe its just something I’m not getting.


It’s much better than the “fat blob of plastic” that XBOX calls a Dpad. SNES pad was awesome tho.


Now these dpad complaints are hate I can get on board with. :smiley:

SNES and Saturn pads only for me, everything else I’ve found horrible. :frowning:


that’s how this problem could be solved ^


Slight update, had another go last night having moved from the big sony TV in the lounge to my new Asus monitor upstairs, and things seemed a little better - certainly in terms of things like upercut into hadouken combos. Maybe this is my imagination though…People are suggesting controller lag, but I’m pretty sure that lots of other people are using these saturn USB controllers, but then they are chinese knock-offs so could be…

On another note, why is the sound so damned loud on this game? I rarely change the volume from game to game, but when I put HDR on I have to quick grab the remote and turn it down by 50% + before it bursts my eardrums…


Modern consoles really ought to support per game volume settings. Personally I find the loud games/quiet DVD issue really annoying at times.