What is ya favorite KOF?


Mine is 98’ itz got my fav. Heidern. I usually do is slow projectile into a Neck Roller two-in-one and his Final Briner super his awesome when it connects while the ability to pick old characters is cool to.


2001 so far for me. Havent played 02 or 03:bluu:


96 and 99, i’m probably the ONLY person on earth that likes 99


98 for balance and overall gameplay. 2002 and 2003 are up there as well, but Duolon makes 2k3 somewhat unbalanced.


03 by far.


because the system plays more like marvel than street fighter.

also, most of the characters i like are good and most of the ones i hate sucks.


For me it’s 2002, pretty much the only KOF to get some play time over here. Although I haven’t gotten the chance to try out 2003 yet, looks like it’s crazy fun though. I like the marvelesque touch.


mine favorite is 2002, but 2003 is FUN but Duolon, and Malin are ssoo cheap!!


I like 1997 the most. That year was a memorable one for many of the characters.

2002 comes second, then 1998.



When I first played 2k3 it was great, but the second I got to see Duolon in action…it just ruined the experience. Still fun, but it’s best to just soft ban Duolon. Haven’t seen any good Malin players yet though…


KOF '97 is my favorite. Probably because of the Saturn controller more than anything else.


May fav is KOF 98. It had a great char selection (yeah baby, two Terry versions and the best Andy ever IMO :cool: ), cool backgrounds, nice music and a pretty good gameplay. Overall it is the only KOF game, which I still play often when I want some KOF action. My second fav is 96, because it was my first and it had the Boss Team. :slight_smile: From time to time I also play this one.


My all time favorite is KoF98. I like it because of the gameplay and it got one of my favorite chars- Saisyu! Next one is KoF2000 and i don’t really know why i like it… but i like it :smiley: .


Wow 98 andy best andy ever huh? HAHA while the alternate andy in 98 was pretty good normal andy was a bit pants which brings me to a question that me and a friend usual discuss quite a bit, in all kofs which is your fave version of a character that you like i have to say 96 kyo, they changed him so much from 95 a complete different character when you play a kof now and use kyo he seem so slow compaired to 96 and his dragon punch type move had MAD MAD priority actually alot of my fave versions of characters are from 96, andy,daimon,ryo,chin,choi,kim other chatracters that get a mention are 97 robert 97 benimaru 97 terry 99 mai 99 kasumi todo oh shit i allmost forgot 96 clark Jesus! THE RANGE!!! it’s all coming back to me NOW


Who is ya favorite character(s) in the game of yours?

Mine is Mature, she has general anti-counter move woth a lil’ too much priority but hits alot, good rush down special and tatics, her weak kick which hits twice is great for pokes and in combos, her projectile will maybe slow is good as keep-away tactic and for opponents who are getting up. Her supers which are easy to see yes are best used when the opponent let’s their defenses down or rusn at cha and plus her tactics work best agrissvely, ofeensively and close range. my tpe of character and she’s hot! :smiley:

And right now I’m startin’ to like Terry and Andy while Saisyu seems like a shtoto scrub if ya ask me?


wow. i love 98… i’d still be playing it today if there was both a good machine and good competition…

i run goro, start terry and start yashiro. goro was an absolute beast that year. owned with invincible cho-kemi(?) (dp + b/d), sick anti air juggles off of df + c and the DAMAGING d, df +c, dm combo. his standing b and d pokes only went down in priority from then i think.

an old friend managed to do some crazy corner infinite with athena and her qcb+b (in air) move. never figured that one out.


I don’t mean with best Andy, that it is the strongest version of him. I just had the best Andy feeling in KOF 98 and one needed more skill to win. I can’t really describe it, but in my opinion is it just more fun to play with him in KOF 98 and he is still a good char there.


no,you’re not.i like the99,the 2002 too and i didn’t play a lot 2003 but it seemed fun for me.a lot of personns i know prefer the 95.


i only like the dream matchs kofs All the others just suck and how dare them take terrys rising tackle off


Did Terry have his Rising Tackle in Garou:MOTW? I never actually got to see him execute it, and the only character I stuck with was Hotokumaru.

Anyway, my favorite character has to be Mai simply because I’ve always seen her as more than a scantly-clad woman. People underestimate her abilities, and since I found that out, I chose to develop specifically with her and prove people wrong…



98 and 2002.

Favourite characters can be seen in my sig. Kyo is my all-time favourite, though.

Nope. :smiley: