What is your anti-team?


That is, what top 3 characters give your team (or teams) the most trouble?

Right now, I’d say my top 3 are:

  1. Wolverine (combos hurts my squishy team… one or two divekicks = death)
  2. Wesker (his normals are godlike and I hate that his launcher is -1 on block.)
  3. Spencer (aside from looking out for his overhead, I don’t really know this matchup… there are other chars that fall into the idk the matchup category, but spencer is one I fight the most.)


Any team with Akuma Tatsu Assist…


Phoenix, Zero and Taskmaster and sometimes Haggar give me problems


Doom missiles really limit my approaches with X-23, don’t like it. :frowning:

  1. Amaterasu
  2. Zero
  3. Any rushdown + Tron Bonne assist


If I have to make an anti list…(no pratical order)

Ammy with Hsien-Ko armor assist/Tron assist (impossible for my hagger to get close properlly)
Spencer (Turtle then BIONIC AAARRRMMM :frowning: )
Runaway Wesker with Doom missile (yes, those fuckers exist…)

For Ammy and zero, there’s an easy solution to them, find a character that can do close/mid range zone (like Haggar’s Pipe or Trish’s H/j.H. or get Haggar’s lariat assist and you’re safe all day.




I’d say Wolverine, only because I start with Wesker on point and I really hate the match-up between those two.
The two next annoying characters in the game are probably Zero with his ridiculous frame advantage and Magneto with his really quick speed.

  1. Zero

Frame advantage everywhere and his ability to cross you up is crazy.

  1. Amaterasu

Hitbox is small and just a generally annoying character. CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

  1. Wesker

Don’t really have a problem with him, but I swear, the guy hits really damn hard.


That’s something I forgot to point out as well. No wonder Maximum Wesker does sub-par damage. His combos (which hurt) that lead to air combos (which hurt)… that happen to lead to a level 3… omg, Wesker does some serious damage… and I kinda like it since he’s a bad guy. /masochist


Anyone with a full screen beam hyper, I watch the opponents bar all day since the only people that play online are people that mash out random hypers as soon as their bar fills.


I’d say Wolverine and Wesker in general is retarded to deal with once they get momentum going and they do A LOT of damage for the amount of offensive pressure tools they have.

But really the “anti-team” for my first team is any team with armored Hsien-ko pendulum assist, doom missiles, or Haggar (the character, not just the assist). I feel this is because each character on my 1st team is primarily rush-down based and has very low health and they can’t really afford to take hits while trying to get in and do their job.

My 2nd team, imo, is the “anti-team” to my 1st team’s anti-team(s) but it also has Sentinerf on it so it’s harder to deal with Wolverine (and probably some others) as a result.


I have a hard time with sent’s a assist while i’m using x-23. Phoenix can be a pain, with those homing balls and teleports that end up behind you WTF!


Wesker, Magneto, Wolverine


Prolly something like Taskmaster/Spencer/Sentinel.




that damn tatsu assist…


All of these plus Akuma Tatsu assist, Tron assist (I fucking hate it), Doom hidden missles, and Sent drones. Part of the problem is that I don’t play characters that can easily and severely punish assists on reaction, especially if my opponent is playing keep away.

Also special mention goes to Wolverine and his herp derp divekick priority. Plus safe berseker slash crossups (when paired with the right assist).


Hulk: Now I don’t have any problems with Sentinel, pre- and especially post-patch, but for some reason I can’t get around Hulk. I know I have to zone the shit out of him but truthfully playing keep-away bores the shit out of me. Hulk also puts the hurt on Akuma; just one mistake, even with full health, Hulk kills Akuma with one combo and that’s with or without X-Factor. I cringe every time I see Hulk paired up with Sentinel’s Drones assist, shit scares the piss out of me.

Ryu: I’ve always had trouble beating him in Super and it seems like it’s transitioned into Marvel for me as well.

Dormammu: A good Dormammu with his infinite tools of keep-away just troubles the shit out of me.

Trish/ Morrigan: These 2 I have no idea why I have trouble with but I always have a tough time for some reason.


Anyone with 3 characters who has picked up a controller in the last 5 years pretty much bodies me for free.