What is your Best and worse moments at Evo East?

Ok i started this cause i have a best and worse moment at evo east…i told some people but now u all shall know.

Best: kickin some ass in CvsSnk2. Watchin mike yipes play marvel. Getting Drunk and playing at the BYOC area. I wish i would have known you could drink inside the ballroom area cause when i seen the staff wit a beer im like damn why am i goin to my room chuggin!!!

Dont have a worst but i have a funniest: I entered the DoA tournament. I dont play it but just entered for the hell of it… First match i played a girl. She was there wit her family and everything cheering her on givin her support. on top of that her family was videotapin her matches. i used brad wong and she had ayane. I was the most button masher piece of shit you ever seen and guess what i won!!! i felt bad kickin her ass but you gotta do what you gotta do. After the match i was like good game and she didnt say shit she just walked off lookin pissed as hell…

LOL. That settles it. I’m entering DOA4 at Vegas. :tup:

haha, that was you? that shit was so funny

Hah yea we were talkin about that upstairs… damn I was there after it happened though :frowning:

damn someone get that on tape?.. besides the family lol


Best: …

Worst: Missing out on the $10,800 =(.

best: having the chesapeake area players take marns money in poker

worst: freezing and choking up on stage

lol…at least you got on stage…

Best: Not nearly dying trying to get to Evo East.

Worst: Not making it out. VTYME here I come!

best: making a comeback AND winning in poker with my 30 chips to his 2970 in 10 minutes

worst: messing up my partition tackle against mopreme in pools

Best: Lincoln’s dad. “YOU FUCKED UP BAD, LINCOLN! OH CHRIST…” :rofl:

Worst: A tie between my slopfest matches in top 8 and the brackets of death in the pools.

Yeah…I heard that would have been the game for you if you got that shit. Good shit. :tup:

Possibly best and worse moment:

I am standing next to Justin Wong as 3S pools are starting. Jamie Austin hails me and comes by.

Jamie: Hey! Long time no see. How long has it been?

Shag: Good to see you. Yeah, since Evo last year.

Jamie: Really? (sees Justin, pats him on the shoulder) Justin, you lost so much weight! You look great! You looked so nasty when you were fat.

Justin: :wtf: :bluu:

Shag: :confused: :sweat:

Jamie: :razzy: :wgrin:

HAHAHA you beat phoenix? Did she have long black hair?

Yea, she’s played the game about 3 times in life. briefly, at that. She just showed up because she had friends coming and wanted to support the scene.

hahaha Yeah she told me about this.



Go Jamie!!! :wink:

According to Jamie…

girlygirl74128: i actually didnt say that
girlygirl74128: i said justin
girlygirl74128: you looked like total shit before
xShiRoiKyox: Ahahahaha.
girlygirl74128: i didnt say nasty
girlygirl74128: i said TOTAL SHIT
xShiRoiKyox: LOL
xShiRoiKyox: Nice one.

ehh, I remember it being something similar.

Best: Playing casuals in 3rd Strike.

Worst: When Evo East Ended.

I’m moving to NY for school either this year or next. Thanks, Evo!

Too good Jamie…too good. :tup:

yeah that was her…she was kinda hot too…ohh well business is business lol