What is your best comic book series?

Just as the title says really. What are everyone’s best series?

Although I haven’t read too many comics I have to say that so far Ed Brubakers Captain America is pretty good and to date has been my favourite read. Didnt think I would enjoy his character that much given his weapon is only a shield but I have just finished the omnibus book in addition to the civil war books and am very glad to have bought his titles.

Would be interested to see what others have as their favourite especially those reading a series outside the Marvel/DC universe.

deadpool is the bestest and most sexiest series ever


Captain America hasn’t had a single bad issue since Ed Brubanker started on three years ago, and even made me NOT want Steve Rogers to come back because Bucky is so interesting.

Brubaker and Lark’s Daredevil. ;3

How come there’s no post about CCCCCRRRRIIIIIMMMMIIIINNNNAAAAALLLL!!! yet?

I would have put Criminal, but I thought this thread was your single favorite title.

Sandman series.

Love that shit.

Priest’s Black Panther still has be scouring back issue bins just to pick them up.

Earth X

I really liked Mutant X too, but most people didn’t.

The first twenty-odd issues of Captain America Vol. 3 were really good too.

Planet Hulk.

The Savage Dragon. There’s nothing being published that is as fun and as creative as Dragon. In fact, issue 144, the latest one, has the most creative storytelling device i have ever seen in a comic - 121 panels, 121 days in the life of Dragon (each panel is a different day).

Here’s a feature about it on Comic Book Resources.

Kevin Smith & Joe Quesada’s run at Daredevil

Green Lantern. Geoff Johns has sex with his monitor as he types out these scripts.

“The Invisibles,” by my favorite writer Grant Morrison. It’s like they gave Grant Morrison no limits on what he could write and he still took it to far.

Joe Kellys Deadpool run.
Nothing more entertaining to a 14 year old.

ATM I’d say Spider-Girl. Too bad it’s getting canceled and it will just be a Spider-Man Family insert, but at least it will continue.

All-Star Superman is also really good.

New Avengers, X-Men Legacy, Old Man Logan and Nightwing are currently very good reads.

Outside of Marvel / DC, Buffy Season Eight is great and Udon’s Street Fighter comics are really cool too.

A big shout out to Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories written by Carl Barks and Don Rosa, classic stuff you can enjoy at any age!

I’m particularly fond of Segar’s Thimble Theater AKA Popeye comic strip as well.

My favorite manga if you haven’t guessed is Rurouni Kenshin. :smile: For current manga right now I’m into Naruto, Berserk, Kenichi and Monster Hunter Orage.

If it wasn’t for Ultimate Spider-man I would’ve never got into comics, so thats #1 on my list. I also collect Daredevil, Teen Titans, Iron Fist(even though I’m a couple trades behind), New Avengers, Buffy Season 8, and usually any events that go on.

I also like reading Batman family comics(Nightwing, BoP, DC, etc), X-Force, and Uncanny, but I don’t collect them because I’m too poor. :sad:

I have quite a few Deadpool stuff though I’m missing like 20-27 of his ongoing, other than that got everything.

The only full set I even own is Quasar which I really enjoyed but that has to be your cup of tea since it can be kind of cheesy.

JLA is my favorite

This is true.

I’d also have to say The Preacher series and Y the Last Man.