What is your characters philosophy?

I use chun li, after years of trying to level up i have come to the understanding that chun li’s philosophy is “be the ball” by this i mean at times i have to move toward my opponent at the exact time that my instincts are screaming at me to throw a kikoken. This negates 90% of the problems i have in match ups and looks brave but has become automatic. Her other philosophy is “you bore me”, by this i mean, standing still or very close to the opponent creates huge opportunities.

I have always wanted to know what guiles philosophy is, is it “i can wait” or “watch me dance” etc, iam not really sure, i imagine ryus philosophy is “iam a tank”.

It probably (for Guile and others) depends a lot on the opponent. I’ve had good Guiles zone me out like nobody’s business (I main Gief), but maybe they prefer to rush down other opponents.

From my perspective playing Gief, some of the characters’ philosophies are
[]Guile - I’m a turtle, can you crack my shell?
]Honda - I’m a turtle, you can’t crack my shell.
[]Vega - I’m a pretty, pretty turtle. Look how long my pretty claw is!
]Sagat - EveryFightEver = {If far() then TigerShot() else if medium() then TigerKnee else TigerUppercut()}
[*]Akuma - …

Cammy is made of knockdowns and oki

Akuma is made of ragequit and feminine hygiene product

LOL at Akuma comment - I couldn’t agree more.

As far as Dictator goes, I have seen a lot of people characterize him as ‘total offense’ which in my opinion is nonsense. I’d say his philosophy is schizophrenic: total defense / stay away, then total offense.


Might sound stupid but i had no idea that vega was a turtler, it explains alot, thanks dawg. I guess if guile is a turtle at heart, i may understand him a little more.

Pick Ryu and go tell me Vega is a turtler!

Eh. Against really good opponents this game will progress to a level where it begins to feel more like 3s. But if you want a general idea…

Ryu:" I’m solid. I can turtle AND rush down. I can run away, I have great pokes and anti air, and I build super like nobody’s business. I’m good for combo freaks or lazy people. My weaknesses aren’t horribly bad and my strengths are only overwhelming in the right hands."

Ken:" I’m like Ryu, but I prefer mid range to close range. Turtling is not my style, I prefer to give knees to the face and keep my opponents guessing with my confusion tactics."

Vega: “YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can turtle beautifully, countering your every ugly move. Watch out though, one mistake and I’ll drop on you from the sky. With so many claw slashes to your weak face, you will see red!”

Guile: " I’m a solid, American fighter. I prefer to slow down the game with my sonic booms to my own pace. At the same time, I can also speed it up to where you are uncomfortable. That’s when I get to place a nice back fist or a boot right in your smug face. Your mistakes are my power."

Zangief:" BAHAHAHA! MY superior Soviet punches and kicks trample your puny capitalist moves, and once I get in, there is almost no stopping my cyclonic might! Because I am so big and powerful though, I have to be adept at defending myself and counter poking my opponent’s moves. However, often he will get frustrated and come to me. That’s when I get to knock him down and set up a 50/50 guess between a stun combo and a tick throw. FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!"

Chun: I’m fast and I like to annoy my opponents. It’s fun. I am like Mr. Zangief in that I have an excellent poke and throw game, but I have to admit it is not quite as good. Ryu is a rival of mine and I have tried my best to learn from him, and now I can fireball and anti air with the best of them. My weakness is that I am still quite inexperienced in certain match-ups. I have a hard time in some icky situations like being cornered. However, I compensate by mind gaming and mixing up my opponents for big damage. Since I am fast and armed with my kikoken and tenshokyaku, I can control the flow of the match. To use me, you must keep and learn to regain that control over and over again."

Bison: “I poke people until I knock them down. Then I do a nice setup into a throw or combo. Then I do it again. If I’m under pressure I have to fight or super my way out, since I have no good reversal other than my super. My defense is quite full of PSYCHO POWER, and so is my offense. I am often able to stun opponents with just a few hits. Characters with lockdown strategies and projectiles are my weakness. Also Vega. He’s so damn pretty and I can never quite catch him.”

DJ: “I’m like dat American mon Guile, but my offense is more versatile :D. My upkicks are not the greatest reversal move and my super can be stopped. However, once I get my cross up rhythm going there ain’t no stoppin me!”


Blanka: “Awooo! ough ough! (Though some may consider me inferior in intellect; believe me gentlemen, I am quite articulate and educated. I am best at keeping my opponent guessing, and unlike most of the rather vertically impared cast, my normals are strong enough to where a fellow such as I may jump almost whenever he pleases. My electricity is also good at stuffing pokes. Being the beast that I am though, I also like a good bite or 12 on the opponents neck. Some “hicky” they obtain there, hahaha.)”

T(hunder) Hawk: “My people know of two things, which were passed down from the great spirit many moons ago. These sacred gifts good normals and option selects. We use the first gift to get in, and the other to mercilessly pound those who disrupt our peaceful way of life.”

Fei Long: “WATOO! ALLAK! WWATAAAAAAH! Separate? Offense and defense are the same thing, young one! In honor of the great one, I practice jeet kun do. I excel at putting offensive pressure upon my opponents with my normals, Rekka Ken, and Flip kicks. Up close, I will lock you down simultaneously defending my self and damaging my foolish opponent. When I let up, you will have to guess my next action. Guess incorrectly, and it’s lights out for you.”

Cammy: “Any target within my sights must be eliminated. I do not trifle with distance combat outside of my cannon drill and hooligan roll. My specialty is assasination, and this is best accomplished by me with CQC. Mindgames and mixups are key to my strategy. Anyone employing my services must have a keen eye and solid knowledge of their options, as well as quick reactions. My weakness and greatest annoyance are those who back off and fire at me, especially sagat.”

Sagat (n): " My tiger shots have gotten a bit worse, so I have to keep a closer distance to my opponent and really think about what I fire off. I am more suited to rushing down than before and have to make better use of my punches and kicks. However, my combos have imporved in flashiness. Adon, my student, the king is coming for you! The title is mine!!"

Sagat (o.): “You like Tigers? trollface I thrive on fireballs and footsies. I can lock an opponent down from almost anywhere. Why should I expend my energy when I can make you do all the work? My damage is second to none, so once you make a mistake, don’t be surprised if you are feeling dizzy. And even if you don’t, my tigers keep a steady flow of damage to pound your weak frame. I am the king!”

Akuma :"…" ( I’m better than everyone else ever. Deal with it. Congrats if you can beat me.)

Dhalsim: “My techniques are difficult, but once mastered, I am one of the greater fighters here. I can both rush and zone my opponents. I am adept at slowing down the game anbd applying pressure, and I can teleport out of most danger. However, from close up I am weaker than usual and have to be creative, unless I am in certain match ups, in which case I must rush down my opponents.”

O Hawk: “supers are overrated -_-. use throws and better normals”

O Ken: Man I’m awesome, (about as good as n ryu if not better) but throws gimme a hard time. Oh well! My rushdown is great and so are my zoning and normals. I have a killer os on everyone since my dp beats almost every move in the game!

O Ryu: "I had better basic properties In my past and was better against Zangief.

O Chun: “Same as O ryu here. I couldn’t combo into legs then, no super. No tenshokyaku.”

O. Cammy: “Are you a masochist? No seriously, I was still in basic training in the old days.”

Honda: “If you don’t have a fireball, Imma eat you. DOSKOI!”

Whut? Dictator vs. Claw is in Dictator’s favor, at least in HDR.

I’m sorry I thought this was st. whatever!

Actually, in ST, Dictator vs. Claw is considered by some of the best players to be an even 5-5. So whether it’s HDR or ST, your characterization of Dictator losing to Claw is wrong.

Well… as we know we arent sad losers in here, so we all know that TNB was just trying to entertain and make us think. I have to thank you TNB and Tinyboss, i can now use guile because of your characterisation of his philosophy, which highlights what i should be concentrating on. Ive already started getting complimentary texts about my guile based solely on your posts, so please dont let any negative posts in this thread hide the fact that your aim was a positive one, thank you for posting.

Your comments help others to level up and levelling up is a great gift to give someone.

That’s a pretty good post TNB :slight_smile:

Have to say this though…
I dont think that projectiles can be considered a weakness for bison , atleast not in HDR.
Depending on how far away the opponent is…I find myself doing empty-devilhands reverses all the time in order to let projectiles pass through , at the same time i’m just filling up my supermeter (that still leaves bison vulnerable but at least you’re avoiding the fireballs). Also, if i read the opponent properly they eat a jump-in combo as soon as they’re going for another projectile.

If we are talking corner pressure mixed with fireballs and throws and whatever, that’s another thing.

I think Vega-Bison is 5-5 in HDR. On the ground Bison can counter pretty much everything with his retarded pokes. But if Claw gets a knockdown? Game over.

It is not so bad because the dive wont loop you. I think because of that reason alone, bison actually beats claw in hdr

I agree that Dictator beats Claw in HDR. st.lk into throw (repeat) seems to be very hard for Claw to deal with. Standing MK/HK and cr.mk beats Claw in footsies unless Claw can hit/roll first. j.MP works well against his off the wall (not the wall spike though). PC works well against him in a lot of situations as well.

Vega/BISOONNN!! (whoosh whoosh flames flames)/Dictator is weak specifically to the knock down walldives in st. I forgot about those being gone in hdr since I don’t own a ps3/360 (just a wii/pc/ps2) to play hdr on. I actually kinda like the walldive though in hdr… You can branch other things off of it AND they have to guess which direction to block.