What is your commute to school/work like (in terms of time spent)?

Right now I have a reasonable 25-30 minute daily commute to college. I kind of miss my 3-5 minute commutes to work, though. but when I transfer to University (which I will; I’ve already been accepted) it will be almost twice as long. I can probably manage, but where do you think you would draw the line as far as daily commute to school, work, or any daily location is concerned?

By the way, I’m talking about Point A to Point B, not Point A to B and back.

There’s a train station right outside the office, and the train station I go to also happens to be on the way to the freeway as well. If I go to the train station and take the train, it takes about 20 minutes. Takes about 5 minutes to get to the train station. If I know I missed the train, and decide to keep going and drive, with traffic, dealing with the metering lights before getting onto the freeway, I only beat the train by a couple minutes, that’s it. I have an “eco-pass” so I get to ride for free, so I pretty much take the train every day now to save the headache and gas from driving and just relax on the train . Very convenient. A lot better than my previous job where I had to sit in 30-45 minutes of commuting in freeway traffic.

5 min to drive to the university

20 min drive from university to work

Depends on the buses and if they’re running on time, but I can get to school in 30-45 minutes, from my apartment to work maybe 10-20 minutes. not too bad

Usually takes me about 30 minutes to get from home to school. My city’s transit system, however, is a fucking mess. Aside from the overpaid and under worked staff whose collective IQ is that of a sock full of popcorn, its delayed constantly by construction and failing vehicles. Top it off with a complete imbecile of a Chair who spends more time trying to fuck college students instead of running this abortion and you have a recipe for me constantly waiting 20+ minutes for a bus that is supposed to come every 8.

About 30 minutes to college. Not too bad except for Fridays. An hour of driving for only an hour of class sucks, especially at 7am.

It takes me about an hour and a half, an hour and fifteen minutes every day to get to work. And then about the same time coming back.

I used to have to walk to school. It would take me 6 minutes if I didn’t catch a light at the intersection. tough times :slight_smile:

50 minutes with no rain and lite traffic.

1 hour or more with heavy traffic and/or rain.

30 minutes coming back. I take night classes and end up going during commute. Smooth sailing on the way back though.

from my door it takes me almost an hour exactly to get to work.

5 mins cab to the bus terminal and then a 40 min bus ride to the village i teach in and then a 10-15 min walk to the either of my schools.

going home is a little longer though since i either walk or take a bus instead of cab to get back.

Night class is the way to go if you can swing it. I took night class for some time before it was cancelled, years ago.

My commute to work was dropped from 40 minutes to about 20-25 when my work picked up and moved shop closer to home. I usually hit moderate to heavy traffic at first on the way to work, then for about half of the trip it’s clear sailing. It takes me about 30-35 minutes in snow and 45 minutes if DOT hasn’t cleared the roads well/ creeping along.

Not too bad, reading that some folks have 1 hour min.

I was frustrated with a 40 minute commute at my payscale. I suppose if the job paid well enough, my cap could be significantly raised. I’d be willing to drive an hour and a half if it promised a six figure income, but at that rate, I’d be tempted to move or save, quit my job and work for myself from home or a closer shop.

My only complaint with my commute is that one intersection causes about three miles of stand still traffic in the rightmost lane on the highway, because of an on ramp to another interstate that I drive past. It doesn’t make too much difference, but the highway is only three lanes until it gets close to the other interstate, then as soon as everyone and their uncle gets over to get on the other highway, my speed doubles the rest of the way to work.

I’ve also discovered that having at least 30 minutes commute allows for a bit of a buffer if you are running behind. It’s easy to make up five minutes in a longer commute if you have to. Gives you a bit of time in the morning to relax and center yourself, too.

Has anyone else noticed that when school is out, about half of the traffic goes away? When weather is crappy, it seems to slim down a bit too, which tells me that quite a chunk of the drivers on the road don’t really need to be out around here.

I’m pretty damn lucky.

Home to work is a 12 minute drive. One of my co-worker lives blocks away, so we alternate days. Traffic is rarely a problem, unless weather is bad.
Parking downtown is expensive. $150 per month, four blocks away from work, in very sketchy area with no surveillance. However, there is a casino two blocks closer with free customer parking and video surveillance. If they catch non-customers parking there, it’s a $35 ticket. So mathematically, one ticket per week is still worth it. We’ve been parking there for two years, zero tickets.

about 5 mins driving to work
10 driving to FFA
15 to Denjin
25 to AI

That’s my casino.
I’m going to give you a ticket.

About 10-15 min to get to work depending on how many lights I can catch.

45 minutes to school.
35 minutes back.
5 minutes to work.
5 minutes back.

Haha. Fine. Mine is the one in middle of the 50 other parking lot moochers.

It used to take me 3 hours by bus to get to work at one of my past jobs when it only took 15 minutes by car. Getting anywhere by bus here takes an hour or more depending if the bus breaks down midway to the destination or if some people get into a fight. Fuck public transportation.



2-3 hours 1 way to community college, depending on traffic.

I have to take 3 different buses, although I normally walk the distance for one of them since it’s not far.

I have to laugh when people bitch about commuting to local events considering my commute is always worse than theirs, since I have no car.