What is your custom fight stick recipe?


Recently in the arcade stick thread some people have asked for what you could consider a shopping list on building a custom stick and others have suggested a “fight stick recipe” thread. So inspired by that, I thought I would get the thread started.

Here is my Pink Heart Stick and recipe w\ links:

From tek-innovations.com:
[LIST][]TEK-CASE S1-B (all clear, left 24mm/Neutrik, right 24mm/24mm)
]JLF Plexi Mount (fluorescent red)
[]TEK-Case Side Decors (hearts/fluorescent red)
]Weight Slots (clear)
[]PCB Pieces (clear, for the extra wire hook)
]Arrowed Dust Washer (clear, JLF - W/Shaft Cover Version)[/LIST]

From lizardlick.com:
[LIST][]Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick
]Sanwa JLF-H Wiring Harness
[]Seimitsu LB-39 Bubble Top, Pink
]Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbutton, Pink (x8)
[]Seimitsu PS-14-DNK 24mm Pushbutton, Pink (x3)
]Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B USB Feed-Through, Black
[]Belkin USB A/B Cable, 6-inch
]StarTech USB Cable, Male A/B, 10 Foot Clear
[]LL Quick Connect, .110" Insulated (x22, I got 40 to be safe)
]LL 22 AWG Stranded Wire, Red (x20, again extra to be safe)
[*]LL 22 AWG Stranded Wire, Gray (x20)[/LIST]

From focusattack.com:


And I am pretty sure that is everything. I am planning on some changes (new shaft cover, new dust cover, button inserts, leds), but for now that is exactly what my custom stick has. Post yours!



I didn’t feel like reposing that image for the 5th time now.

Part List:
1 Agetec Dreamcast Controller
1 Toodles ChImp
1 Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fight Pad for Xbox 360 (Chun Li)
1 Startec 15’ USB cable
1 Dreamcast controller cable (can be from the Agetec controller)
1 Sanwa JFL
1 Sanwa Joystick wire harness.
1 Seimitsu LS-32 spring (For JLF)
1 JLF circular restrictor
2 8 position terminal strips European style
2 Green Sanwa OBSN-24
6 Seimitsu PS-14-GNC 30mm Pushbuttons
2 20mm Push buttons (Select and Guide) I reused the stick’s stock start button.
2 DB-9 connectors Male
1 DB-9 connector Female
2 DB-Hoods Shielded
1 USB-B port
4 very small Phillips machine screws with nuts
Plenty of Wire 22- 28 gauge
Assorted cable zip ties
wire tie mounts, self adhesive.
3M Double Sided foam tape
Hot Glue

And a Dash of Nutmeg

Phillips Screw Driver
Flat Head Screw Driver
T10 torx screwdriver
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Dremel with Grinding stone
Soldering iron
Exacto knife
Hot Glue gun





Just posted mine, so no need to photo post. http://shoryuken.com/f177/check-out-my-new-arcade-stick-thread-part-deux-201537/index691.html#post10445948

Akihabarashop being:
1 Seimitsu LS-32-01
1 Seimtsu RE Mounting Plate
6 Seimitsu PS-14-KN
2 Seimitsu PS-14-DN
1 Seimitsu LB-39, drilled
1 Seimitsu HP-5
16 AT-110
16 Taito Vinyl Sleeves
1 MC Cthulhu
1 Imp

1 Neutrik NE8FDP-B RJ45
1 Neutrik Boot, yellow
1 FGWidget LED controller from Toodles
6 Arc Eyes from purplearms
1 madcatz fightpad
1 Terminal Strip
1 Hollow LS-32 shaft

1 TEK-CASE S1-A with artwork and etching
1 custom etched dustwasher
1 artwork by d3v

Lots of wire. 28 gauge AWG for connecting PCBs and arc eyes. 24 gauge AWG for connecting to buttons. ~50 feet used, plan to bring at least 75 to be super safe.
Yellow TechFlex, 1/4" size
Yellow Heat Shrink tubing, 1/4" size
Solder. Leaded solder. No kind recipe custom Arcade Stick should be without.
Liquid Flux.
Hot glue.
System cables
RJ45 plugs
RJ45 boots
Yellow 3mm LED

Soldering iron
Needle nose pliers
Diagonal nose pliers
Screwdrivers, lots of screwdrivers
Wire strippers
Hozan P-706
Locking Hemostats
Hot glue gun
Helping Hands
RJ45 Crimpers
Dremel with drill bit
C-ring pliers

Instructions: No instructions included.