What is your favorite costume color for your characters?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what I did in my last thread that was so bad. Plz don’t close this one.

I have to say, I like characters with either dark colors or reds and oranges. Like say a red jacket Terry or Black Yamazaki. What do you guys like?

TG is on a roll tonight.

Right… :confused:

Doo Doo Brown Ryu in Third Strike. My Doo Doo Ryu is mythic in my circles lol.

You know what? I’ll let this one live for now. I still say you need to go to sleep TG, you may be delirious right now.

I like making my Gief’s underwear flesh colored in CvS2.

Before the “Angry Mod with the Gief Av” locks this thread, I want to say that I like yellows and dark greens.

I like reds the best. Sometimes I’ll go for other stuff though, like Yang’s black color or Q’s all-vanilla ghost color. But yeah, mainly reds.

honda’s black things with dark skin and oro’s black rags with red skin.

Anything dark.
But my current KOF team are all blue… hmm

Usually black or red. Or both. Or if it has black in it.

I usually go for the original color when I play Bison but with everyone else I go with darker colors.

Ryu, Chun, Sak, Bison, Blanka - default colors
Ken - default or yellow
Gief - default or black clothes
Sim - dark brown skin, light brown pants
Rose - dark blue dress, light blue shawl
Cammy - light blue

Mmh, I think white and purple (Kazuyas suit anyone:)) are my favs.

Usually all-black.

BEcause im liek teh ANGHST or something…

Black and bright green

I’ve always liked Felicia’s original P2 color scheme, the one she’s had since the first Darkstalkers… Tan skin, cream fur, hot pink hair, blue eyes, and purple claws.

I also like Ryu’s Turbo scheme, light blue gi and white headband. And Sakura’s V-ISM colors.

I like Ryu’s Dark Grey costume in marvel(he looks like evil ryu from the alpha series), and my favorite color for Ryu in SF2 Turbo was the sky blue costume.

Here are some marvel teams with costumes that are all-black

Tron- Assist 1 Hayato-Assist 2 Sentinal- Roundhouse

or Tron-Assist 1 Sentinal- Roundhouse Commando-Assist 1

Forward w/ ST Guile!

almost any yellow or bright green. red is pretty high up there for characters in cvs2, the red seems to be one of the better colors in that game…