What is your favorite non-SF fighting game series?

If you have one.

I see I was not the only one that realized how Godlike Barbie Horse Ninjas was.

GG and BB shouldn’t be grouped together just because they were made by the same developer :bluu:

This list does not have Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hokuto no Ken or Marvel vs. something. THIS THREAD FAILS IMMENSELY FOR THAT. OP YOU HAVE FAILED ME!!!

It’s a tossup for me between Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

fail. no smash brothers.

I really like Tekken alot.

this but a million times more

No Tetris Attack either


i want a fuckin console port of planet puzzle league even tho tetris attack has raphael the raven and he is smug as hell

My favorite non-Street Fighter series is Tekken. Although I only have 2 and 3

Soul Calibur. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Also Tira has my heart forever. Now if only they could make her decent in the next SC.

The hell? No Arcana Heart?

I’d have to say my favorites are AH, VF, KOF and GG.

I could care less about Street Fighter.

Who said SF is my favorite?

Who said that SF had to be your favorite fighter for you to have a favorite fighter that isn’t SF?

I picked Soul Calibur because it’s the one I’ve played the longest. I don’t really know. I just like fighting games.

You’re not the only one…

Lol @ listing KI and MK but not SamSho

Unfortunately the polls only have a maximum of 10 options