What is your favorite version of Ryu?

It’d have to be HDR. He feels so perfect. He has everything from ST, but his SRK timing isn’t wonky anymore (used to have random leniency frames) and that fake fireball. Ryu is so solid. He can fireball turtle, he can do careful offense and pressure with that fireball, but he has the tools to rush crap down. Most fun I ever had playing Ryu.

Other than that, Alpha 2 Ryu is very fun to play. I like all his gimmicks: fake fireball, red fireball, meaty fireballs, hurricane kick over fireballs, shinkuu fireball, hop kick that goes over lows and ticks, SRK is SRK, anti-cross up Shinkuu hurricane kick, over head punch, cross up MK, cheese CC, awesome alpha guards, sweep is still cancelable. If he could abuse the CCs better, he’d prolly be the best version of Ryu ever, besides like Hyper Fighting maybe.

Even tho it was a bleh game, I thought that Ryu is CapCom Fighting Evolution was a lot of fun.

Also, Makoto Mizoguichi in Fighter’s History Dynamite.

Y tu?

this thread I like more… though not very much room for discussion potential imo

my absolute favorite Ryu has to be from MvC (haven’t played MvC2). I don’t think I’ve connected to any char in any game better. I AM that Ryu. people say things like… that shin shoryuken isn’t that good, shoryuken is worthless and hadouken sucks… mehhhhhhhhh. it’s usually some low level scrub I hear saying that shit too. granted I’m not like a super top MvC player or anything, but those three moves are fucking wonderful. usually whether or not I win a match depends on how consistently I’m landing the 3 of those.

Pocket Fighter Ryu.

No, not really. I figure that if Ryu is in a fighting game, then there are usually far more interesting characters I could be playing.

3S Ryu

man ryu is fun in like every game, its hard to pick.

i think my favorite ryu is st, followed closely by sf4+a2 ryu. sf4 is almost like a dream version of ryu, hes got a bunch of awesome shit from every game

3S for sure. denjin & EX donkey kick!
guess 2i ryu deserves a mention for having 2 stocks of denjin. lol

a2 evil ryu

CvS 2 Ryu.

3S Ryu. What tools are he missing that he has in any other game that aren’t given to him by the game system itself (ie. infinites, CCs)?

CVS1 Ryu. One combo. Sweep -> Shin Shoryuken! Fucking like 80% life gone.

On second thoughts, I have reconsidered my answer to this question.

My favourite version of Ryu is…



Dammit! Now you made me wanna play CvS2 again :smile:

I’ll have to go with ST Ryu, the definitive version of Ryu.

Evil Ryu in alpha 3.

Evil Ryu was in A3? I thought he was only in A2.

ST Ryu, the only one I kinda like to use.

3s Ryu is a close 2nd, just so much fun.

3S Ryu has Denjin. So 3S Ryu for me.

Evil Ryu CVS 2

tvc or xmvsf. hes so dope in both…

TvC Ryu (I never play motion chars, so it was quite fun to play as him in TvC)