What is your favourite match up?

Not, “who can you crush” but “which matchup challenge do you relish the most?”.

I ask this question because i played bogeuk yesterday and it was chun vs deejay and it became such an exacting and close battle of wits that i think i could have played that for a 50 game set.

It required alot of intention reading and massive punishment for silly mistakes, but neither character could be too mobile it seemed.

Thanks bogeuk.

I love playing against really good Sim players. It’s close to an even match-up, if Honda gets in he usually wins but Sim has tools to keep him out. It’s just a lot of fun to me.

Ironically, my least favorite match-ups are all the ones way in Honda’s favor (Zangief, THawk, Fei, etc). They are just boring match-ups, to win against good players Honda has to turtle up, which gets boring, LOL.

I love playing shotos not only because I have a very easy time with all shotos but also because the fireball war and spacing game is so vital just an inch to the left or right of your optimal zoning distance and it’s all voer for either player. Sagat and shotos have to constantly shift to gain better zoning distance it’s almost like a dance lol.

Hmm I would say my favorite matchups would be probably Honda and Guile. Yes, they are some of the hardest match ups for my character, but it forces me to be on point at all times and makes the match much more interesting. I also like Claw match ups cause I love to knock him out of the walldive with cl. mk :P.

On the other hand, my most hated match ups are Chun and Ken. Their fireballs are dumb. Can’t really jump straight up (they both have answers to that), so hard to move in on them and once you get in, they are real annoying to pressure.

Vega is mine

Vega is also mine. You have the fastest character versus the slowest character. But I also think it is because people see me using Dhalsim and automatically think choose Vega for a counter pick.

I hate playing anybody that is truly good with their character but if I had to pin it down to two, then it would be Chun Li and Blanka.

My fav would be Sagat/Guile vs Gief…Yomi FTW

my fav is hawk vs guile. its fun/rewarding to get in on a good guile player and safe jump the shit out of him.

I love me some Claw matchups. I’m also pretty partial to Rog and I love when I get a 'Gief counterpick. X-up :mk: > cr. :mk: > :mk: overhead krazy-kick > sweep for a guaranteed dizzy is so satisfying.

This. THIS.

Dee-Jay v. Guile
T-Hawk v. Sim
Cammy v. Bison

When I’m playing all the chars on the left.

Is it weird that my favorite is Ryu and my second least favorite is Ken? Fei is also pretty fun. I’m not sure if I like or hate playing against Hawk. It’s such a sloppy match up because there is a very good reason to be at almost any range and a very good reason to not be there at the same time. Cr. forward = good. Typhoon = bad. St. roundhouse = good. Within range of SRK = bad. Fireball = good. Hawk Dive = bad.

Deejay vs Sim.
Deejay vs Blanka.
Deejay vs Sagat.

You, sir, are masochistic.

This circle of characters provide good matches to me:
[/LIST]Something os going on no matter where you are on the screen.

My opinion on this drifts over time, but currently I think Sim vs Chun is my favorite. I feel like I’m making progress in this match and it’s usually fun and dynamic. Honorable mention goes to good Shotos and non-lag-tactic Hondas.

I must say it’s satisfying beating up Hondas with Fei. :slight_smile:

Zangief vs. Bison is really fun. Lots of shenanigans, death combos, and throw loops to keep it fresh and exciting. The top Bisons like Reno, georam, and T3R Dictator are always a blast to fight.

I have no idea why he has it, but the trip guard on his double punching jump strong is really annoying at times. Every time I get thrown like right when he lands after using it I die a little on the inside.

My favorite is a good Honda match :). It’s pretty rewarding when you win the Gief Honda match knowing how upside down it is.

Edit: this is also the reason I chose to play gief way back when hdr was 6 months old or so, being underdog is awesome ^_^.

Too bad he’s babyzone now, no respect to you

Evo i thought your fav matchup was Gief mirrors!