What is your fun value for each character?

Just a little something I’d like to see for fun, and to see if people share my opinions. Just write up a list (Or copy and edit mine) showing two ‘fun ratings’ you give each character, one for the fun you get playing as them, and another for the fun you get versing them. The rating is from 0(Absolutely hate) to 10(Absolutely love). Give reasons next to each characters rating if you wanna get deeper into it. Here’s mine:

Abel: 7 - 7 (Fun guy, he’s got a playstyle that I’m not very good with but love plenty. Versing him is good fun too, though not the funnest.)
Akuma: 6 - 4 (He’s good to play, can be a bit boring after a while though. Versing him can be boring if the opponent doesn’t play aggressively.)
Balrog: 8 - 5 (He’s a very solid character, his moves feel very natural and powerful, and aggressive is usually my kind of playstyle. However versing him is pretty meh, not sure why.)
Blanka: 4 - 1 (I don’t really like playing him, I don’t like tapping moves nor do I like his moves really. Funny against people who are bad though. The dislike is nothing compared to the hate I have of versing him, most annoying character ever. At least he keeps me on my toes, but I’m always grinding my teeth when he’s being confusing and irritating me.)
C. Viper: 7 - 10 (Coolest character that I will never be good with. If she wasn’t so hard for me to learn, I’d probably give her a 10. Playing against her is even funner, she’s probably the most unique character and it’s such a fresh matchup. She always impresses me and is just so cool.)
Cammy: 1 - 5 (I hate playing as her, I really do. I don’t even know why. I just hate her. Playing against her isn’t so bad though.)
Chun Li: 5 - 5 (Eh. I don’t like tapping moves but she’s not that bad I guess. Versing her is so-so.)
Dan: 8 - 8 (He’s good for a laugh, and light dan kick is a fun move. Versing him is also funny. It can get rather boring after a while though, he’s gimmicky.)
Dhalsim: 7 - 0 (He’s fun to play with the mixups, I like using his ultra on their wakeup to screw with them. I’m being hypocritical here I know, but versing him is the tied for the worst, constantly being poked from afar and kept away. Feels as slow as Guile, but Guile can’t mix me up as hard as Dhalsim.)
E. Honda: 7 - 4 (He’s a really fun character ruined by my hate of tapping moves. Versing him is somewhat annoying though, but I don’t mind too much.)
El Fuerte: 8 - 4 (Best noob destroyer ever, and a funny and different playstyle. He’s kinda bad in my opinion though. Versing him is like versing E. Honda, annoying but I don’t mind too much.)
Fei Long: 6 - 5 (I love his playstyle, but he’s so…absolutely terrible. He’s just so bad, I hope he’s good in SSF4. Worst ultra in the game. Versing him is meh.)
Gen: 8 - 8 (Cool character, but has a tapping move. He’s got some ridiculously cool mixups and stuff though, as well as combos. Versing him is equally cool but occasionally annoying.)
Gouken: 9 - 5 (Most awesome combos ever, and they aren’t even hard to pull off. Used to be my all time favorite, but I got bored of him. Still play him occasionally. Versing him is meh.)
Guile: 1 - 1 (I hope they just remove him. Sorry to Guile fans, but I just hate everything about him. Lack of variety, highly defensive, makes the game feel slower than anything ever. He doesn’t make me angry, he’s not too hard to beat, he just makes me bored.)
Ken: 4 - 4 (Eh, not very interesting, but there’s worse.)
M. Bison: 7 - 6 (Fun guy, but he can get boring. Still rate him as good but.)
Rose: 1 - 8 (She’s got a playstyle I hate playing with, but love fighting against. It’s a love-hate thing. I cry when I random her, and cheer when I verse her. I’d rate her with 0 for playing but the reflect move is kinda fun.)
Rufus: 10 - 8 (Funnest character ever. Easy to use, really freaking aggressive, deals ridiculous damage. Fast characters are my favorite, and he’s even strong to boot. Versing him is interesting but being ultra’d so easily CAN be annoying, even though I love doing it myself.)
Ryu: 5 - 4 (He’s so generic…there’s nothing bad or good for him, he’s just meh. Anything I’d find interesting I’ve seen done a billion times before, everyone plays him and I’m bored of it.)
Sagat: 3 - 3 (I would probably like him more if he weren’t such an ass.)
Sakura: 9 - 8 (Almost as fun as Rufus, but doesn’t have as powerful punishment. Her mixups from EX kick are so much fun though oh my god. Versing her is good.)
Seth: 7 - 3 (I don’t play him often, but he’s crazy fast. He dies in like one hit though, kind of annoying. Versing him is like Dhalsim but not so bloodly slow and he usually is somewhat aggressive, so it isn’t nearly as boring.)
Vega: 4 - 4 (Not my playstyle, but he can be fun on occasion. Versing him can be an ordeal, or entertaining, really just depends.)
Zangief: 5 - 0 (Playing him is like watching TV and zoning out for me, hard to explain. But versing him…Oh my god. I can’t play aggressively, I’m forced to play defensive. I hate playing like that. Forcing me into playing a certain way is worse than keeping me out all the time. Also being punished for half my health is really stupid. His pokes are stupid. His Lariat is stupid. Hate.)

So yeah, post yours and comment on others, see if people share your thoughts and find people who are complete opposites of you.

I’ll just comment on the chars I use…

Sakura is definitely 10/10. She has hella mixups, and can virtually win a round with 2 variations of her EX-tatsu mixup game. Also, she has an uphill battle against most chars. And her taunts are awesome.

M.Bison is a 5/10. I’m good with him, but after a while I just felt like I couldnt take that next step with him as far as adding things to me game. He is a great character to learn if you want to introduce yourself to the mindset of a charge character. He may be the most unique charge character.

Dhalsim is a 8/10. Playing Dhalsim is a mental challenge; you HAVE to play patiently with him, even more patient than your opponent who is patiently waiting to get inside a wreck shit. Fewer things are more satisfying than mindfucking people with his Ultra.

Balrog is a 8/10. He’s fun for the simple fact that he has limitations, but also has obvious strengths. You can’t jump too much, and Rog is very straight forward, but I like playing with Rog. I’m good with him though I still have plenty to learn with him, and is actually one of my mains that I have spent the least amount of time in the lab with.

Agree completely. Although I like Rufus more, hence why I gave her a 9. I still play her as much as I can when I’m not playing Rufus. I don’t have as much fun versing her as you do though.

Ryu (9/10): I like to teach friends and family how to play. The best character to teach with is ryu of course, so I’m all for him. it doesn’t matter how generic he is. He’s abviously used because he’s fun. I like his combos and I’m set for match ups for the better part.

**Blanka (10/10): **This guy is incredible! He’s fun to play with, and HAVE been playing with him as equally as Ryu. I love his mix ups and his random attacks. I also like to fight them, with my blanka, or anyone at all. I like to learn new moves from the rest of the world’s players, so eh, what else can I say, he’s great!

Feilong (8/5): He’s got great pokes, and It’s easy to land his ultra if I use my FA wisely. I use it a lot. His combos are complex in my opinion, for he does not have much to work with. BUT MAN!! his pokes are great!!! I like playing with him, but the 5 is for the lack of good Feilongs online. Anyone wanna spar?

**Sagat (0/0): **He’s not hard to beat, but his moves are unbelievable! I can’t stand that fool. Especially if my opponent spams the hell out or tiger shots. I love fighting him with fei though. Other than that, I hate the one eyed freak.

Guile (0/8): I lose a lot against good guile player. He’s hard to beat, but I like to fight against him because he’s the best opponent to teach how to beat turtles. I hate using him, but I loke to beat his american ass.

Zangief (0/10): I despise playing him, but love fighting him. He’s my favorite character to have as an opponent. I enjoy him more than Guile cause he’s trickier.

It appears you’re my doppleganger from an alternate reality. Hi there.

I am also going to go with the characters I can actually play decently.

Gouken 9/9: fun to use, fun to play against because of the toolset that actually allows for a few distinct play styles.
Ryu 5/3: I really don’t like him, too generic. Still a great choice for competitive play. No weaknesses, ability to mash out of anything ad SRK > Ultra make him not fun to play against, because you get scrubbed out.
Chun Li 9/3: Love playing her, hate playing AGAINST her because people are usually better than me and she has soooo many options.
Akuma 9/3: same reasoning as Chun Li. Hate getting scrubbed out by Demon, but then, it is usually my fault to begin with :slight_smile:
Sagat 5/5: too easy to get damage with him, on both sides. Especially hate tier whores that pick him when I play low-ranked chars.
Dan over 9000/10: simply the soul of SF4. Beating anyone with Dan is a double accomplishment, Even getting beaten is fun, as long as the player remember it’s Dan and not Ryu.

I’ll take a stab at this…

  • Abel: 8/5 Abel is a really fun character but I hate his pokes ugh, and fighting a good Abel player is a pain…
  • Akuma: 5/5 He just doesn’t do anything for me, he’s just kinda there…
  • Balrog: 9/3 Rog is just great, fighting Rog isn’t… especially the turtle’s (stop ducking you SOB!)
  • Blanka: 4/1 Duck, curve ball, duck, curve ball, wakeup ultra ugh…
  • C. Viper: 10/10 Viper in general is just awesome, I’m a scrub with Viper but she’s just a lot of fun and playing against her is just as cool especially when it’s a intermediate-pro player, it’s poetry in motion…
  • Cammy: 7/3 Cammy is okay to play as (I prefer her ST version), fighting against her is plain annoying (wakeup shortcut cannon spooks anyone?)
  • Chun Li: 6/8 Chun is pretty cool but fighting against her is an experience within itself, good Chuns can show you some amazing stuff…
  • Dan: 9/6 Dan being Dan, nuff said…
  • Dhalsim: 5/5 Sim is okay but I rarely ever pick him, I hate fighting good Sims but it does take work to use him correctly so I’ll give credit where credit is due…
  • E. Honda: 9/5 Honda is a full blown beast, to bad his torpedo attack is so damn slow but good Honda’s will put your lights out quick (the one’s that don’t spam butt pound)…
  • El Fuerte: 3/5 His playstyle is strange, but it’s funny to watch him squash noobs all day…
  • Fei Long: 1/7 :lol: but seriously Fei mains have my respect…
  • Gen: 7/9 Crane Stance + j. MK crossups :razz:
  • Gouken: 4/3 He puts me to sleep…
  • Guile: 5/1 Playing as him is fun because he’s just that bad! fighting against is even worse though…
  • Ken: 4/2 Next…
  • M. Bison: 10/10 Dictator rules (I main him), he just goes hard without holding back EX Headstomp
  • Rose: 4/6 Not SFA Rose but she’s okay I guess…
  • Rufus: 1/1 Good lord I hate this prick, gtfo…
  • Ryu: 5/8 I’m not prone to shoto’s but Ryu is still a fun fight…
  • Sagat: 2/2 Meh, it’s not the matchup he’s just boring…
  • Sakura: 4/7 Nothing amazing, good Sakura players try so yeah…
  • Seth: 2/10 Playing as Seth is lame, but a good Seth player will style on you…
  • Vega: 7/6 Vega is a bonafide shoto killler in the right hands, he’s no ST Claw but he can still do some nasty stuff…
  • Zangief: 4/7 Gief is a asshole, but fighting him is great because he really forces me to think…

I know, I noticed. Welcome to the realization.

This is all 100% oppinion though if you want mine:

zangief - most boring character ever, to play as and against
balrog - not too far behind gief
m. bison - equally as dull as balrog

next tier up on uninteresting:
dan - he’s a joke character except he isn’t funny, people just pick him and play like idiots generally… I don’t get it
rufus - I can’t stand looking at him, ugliest character in a game ever, also his play style is boring imo
cammy - she just has a bunch of simple, high priority moves, not very interesting imo
rose - meh
gouken - I reckon he could be quite interesting if everyone online that plays him could get over he has multiple different projectiles and start trying to play the game
e. honda - boring zone fest
fei long - seems pretty linear as a character

mildly interesting:
abel - he has tools and is a bit unique so he’s here, but I’ve never liked him
akuma - yeah I’ve put ken/ryu higher but akuma’s generally played too run away for me
chun li - very meh character
elf - ex run and rsf are fun tools, other than that he’s a pretty random character
guile - zoning with guile is fun imo
vega - maybe give him some better options next game yeah capcom?

ken - on the very rare occasion you get someone that can play him without f.dp’ing every 2 seconds
sagat - interesting character, would be nice if he didn’t have so many good matchups though, maybe I’d even try playing as him
seth - yeah, I play him but he’s not listed as most fun, maybe because I’ve played him so much but he doesn’t really have much emphasis on footsies which is a shame and you can play 90% of matchups the same and force your opponent to change their play style - I want to be forced to adapt more.
sakura - I think she’s similar to seth, fun at first but the more you play her the duller she gets, only she has less options than seth ultimatley
blanka - he’s fun to play with/against when there’s hardly any lag or offline
gen - I guess he goes here
c. viper - her execution makes her fun, but she isn’t ‘that’ interesting imo

very fun:
dhalsim - fun to play as
ryu - maybe I’d be switching to ryu if he wasn’t played by 80% of people online, but I enjoy zoning with him

…so that seems like a lot of hate, but I haven’t had much sleep so I’m cranky atm and it comes out in my posts =).

Here is my take,

  • Abel: 5/5 neutral
  • Akuma: 4/6 I dislike using him because I mess up a lot and tend to be very scrubby, but its nice to fight someone who uses him well.
  • Balrog: 6/3 He is fun to use once in a while, but his style of play is rather dull to fight against
  • Blanka: 6/2 Its fun to use him especially against scrubs, but fighting him is a major pain in the ***
  • C. Viper: 7/8 Really fun to use, but I am horrible at her unfortunately. Fighting a good Viper tends to be very exciting because it tends to be a very aggressive match.
  • Cammy: 5/5 neutral.
  • Chun Li: 8/8 I think she is an extremely well rounded character, hence I love using her and fighting against her a lot.
  • Dan: 6/6: Nice to use when fooling around, but too much of him and I get bored fast
  • Dhalsim: 8/7 I really enjoy using him, when I do good with him I feel like I am in total control. Fighting against a good Dhalsim can be tiring, but still interesting.
  • E. Honda: 7/4: He is fun to use even though I tend to really dislike big characters in general. He tends to overwhlem me a bit so I am not crazy about fighting him.
  • El Fuerte: 10/8: He is my main for a reason lol, No one comes close in providing me with a fun time. I love his speed and fighting style a lot, he always has an uphill battle but its never too lopsided, I really like the challenge he provides, I feel like he was almost custom made for my fighting style. Fighting against a good one can be exciting due to the mindgames (unless its a mirror match, that is not very fun).
  • Fei Long: 1/4: My least favorite character all around, just can’t really get him at all. Fighting against him is a lot better for me but still nothing special.
  • Gen: 8/8: Love this old man, very unique style and leads to many exciting matches.
  • Gouken: 5/5: neutral
  • Guile: 3/6: I get very bored using him becasue he lacks a bit of variety, but surprisingly I kinda enjoy fighting him for some reason.
  • Ken: 3/3: Not my style at all, and have seen too much of him (even good ones don’t get me very thrilled).
  • M. Bison: 5/5: neutral
  • Rose: 6/8: A good change of pace to use her, and I really like fighting against her, very graceful!
  • Rufus: 6/3: He is okay to use due to his satisfying damage, but it is NOT satisfying to eat his damage at all.
  • Ryu: 3/2: Nothing much against the character itself, but this game really killed him for me due to how many people use him. He used to be my main but I got fed up with mirror matches…
  • Sagat: 2/3 I suck with him very bad, don’t like slow and large characters in general. Hate fighting him because his moves are rather plain as well.
  • Sakura: 7/8: very dynamic character overall, I wish I was a bit better with her though.
  • Seth: 3/3: Feels like a compilation of other characters, which is not very cool (EDIT: just to be clear, I make him look like a compiltion of other characters bacause I suck at him, I realize he is far from being that. A good Seth is a pain to fight because he can do almost anything with the amount of tools he has)
  • Vega: 6/5: like his style a bit but gets boring fast. neutral about fighting him.
  • Zangief: 3/3: same as Sagat, big slow and plain, but just a bit more interesting to use due to the sheer strength I feel when controlling him lol

Balrog (7/8).- very strong character, his easy links and cancels make him a very popular and fun to play character imo and the ability to connect his ultra from his headbutt without FADC make him quite dangerous, I think he’s the new Ryu haha…
Blanka (4/7).- at first looks entertaining to play but after a few fights is like meh… love playing against him with Ryu and stopping his horizontal rolling ball with cr.MP.
Cammy (9/7).- she is fast, good bnbs, decent ultra, mind games… lover her… playing against a good cammy is so frustrating though…
Chun-li (0/0).- I just hate her in SF4… I used to play her in the alpha series…
Fei-Long (8/4).- he’s fast, has good pokes but a crappy ultra, your execution must be almost flawless in order to play him right… playing against him is like meh…
El Fuerte (0/0).- he can die… haha i hate playing against him online…
Ken (0/5).- I don’t play him… meh in general
M.Bison (5/7).- boring after a while, but very solid imo… his st.HK… :crybaby:
Ryu (10/7).- he’s always been my main in all the sf series… there’s nothing much to say besides what everyone knows about him… not so fun to play against online, except for aggressive Ryus.
Sagat (0/0).- so damn powerful, he should be the final boss hehe…
Zangief (3/7).- love playing against a good Zangief player, is a challenge when using my main, but if counter pick with Blanka is like meh…

only gonna comment on a couple.

Abel (9 / 6). More fun than a pillow fight. Good results for an offensive-minded player, ambiguous set-ups, fairly flashy, has a warcry, stunts on scrubs, ballin ultra and mixups. -1 for using him because of below-average defence and having to fight golden bears. Against, -4 for the match being fairly momentum based with not a hell of a lot of chances to turn the tide (though it’s quite possible). simultaneous seiya’s are my favorite.

rufus (7 / 7) He’s aight. another character great offensively, but still good defensively (ex j-kick amirite). clearly >9k ultra setups and just a lot of tools in general. Against, fun to play but can be tough to deal with when he gets goin.

seth (7 / 4) Fun to use, tools for everything both offensively and defensively, can be played using a number of playstyles, but is best-suited to a combination platter of everything. Things can go wrong real fast though if he gets a bow to the forearm into ultra ( shoutout to abel). against, 4 because most people just take the infinite j. fierce route when using him and while it isn’t hard to deal with, it isn’t fun to fight. when a good one comes along though, it’s pretty neat.

gief (nah, that aint me / shouldn’t be you, either) go back to russia plzkthxbye. seriously, using him, it’s frustrating to deal with good zoning. against him, good ones are just plain rude to poor abel.

Guile 10/3 : I main Guile and I love all of his set-ups, zoning, rushdown and combos, but I hate mirror matches… dont care what person I am, mirror matches suck, and since I main Guile the mirror matches I do the most are Guile.

I’ve never understood this argument, if you’re going to say that then half the cast are pretty similar: projectile, anti air, some sort of moving closer leg attack. Or charge characters: dash in overhead, dash in straight, anti air and some piano move or similar up close chip damage attack…

While half of seths moves use the same animations as other characters the end result is very unique, the moves can be used in ways the characters they’re taken from can’t and the number of tools at his disposal combined with his low health add to his uniqueness.

Gen- 10/10

Everybody else - lower then 10

You’re supposed to have a little answer to “WHY?” he got that score.

This thread is to list why you like/dislike using/fighting a character, so it is completely based on personal prefrences. I respect all characters, and anyone who puts in the time to master any of them. I think that all characters can be unique, including Seth, in the right hands. However, when I use him, I can’t bring out his unique abilities and I end up feeling that I am using a compilation of other characters, even though he can be a lot more than that in reality. I guess I should have been a bit more clear on this :slight_smile:

First…STOP SAYING “VERSING”…It’s like hearing a graffiti writer say they were “graffing.” It’s the worst thing in the world.

Abel: 7 - 9 I’m bad with him but when I get into a mix-up rythm, it’s love. Same with fighting food Abels. If they are tearing me up, it’s a beautiful site.
Akuma: 8 - 3 He can be so fucking aggressive and that’s my favorite style of play. I hate playing against him because so many people are soooo defensive. When a really crazy Akuma shows up, I have no problem being beaten…It’s fun to watch.
Balrog: 5 - 5 Eh. Eh.
Blanka: 4 - 0 is mix-up game is fun once it gets going (Similar to Abel) but playing against him is just the worst. Not because he’s particularly hard to beat, but that he has so many save options if played well.
C. Viper: 7 - 10 I agree with the OP 100% here. Awesome character…I just wish I could play her worth a shit.
Cammy: 5 - 3 She can be a good, aggressive character but her move set can be punished so easily. Playing against her is infuriating. So many random things come out and don’t translate well to online play. Offline, she’s not bad.
Chun Li: 6 - 3 I dig how fast she is and her back-dash a ton. when playing against her, I HATE how fast she is and her back-dash.
Dan: 1-1 Joke character that is boring on both sides.
Dhalsim: 4 - 1 I would like to play him just to better my patience game but he’s just too slow for me. Likewise, He’s so fucking slow to fight. Good AA’s make the fight even more annoying.
E. Honda: 6-0 He can be so fucking aggressive and scarey when he has momentum. He’s my least fav match in the game. I mean the WORST. I swear, he’s a 7-3 for Sakure and would be an 8-2 if she didn’t have a terrible hadoken.
El Fuerte: 8 - 2 Would love to know how to play him well but absolutely hate having to deal with that wake-up. One of the most frustrating things in any fighting game.
Fei Long: 2-2 Borrrrrrrrrring. A super boring Yang (or maybe Yang is a super rad Fei?) His crouching short is so fucking annoying it boggles my mind why they’d give him a tool that’s so good but make his game shit in every other way.
Gen: 2-2(8) Same as Fei. His cross-ups are so retarded for being such a dumb character. However, watching a REALLY good Gen is like watching Kasparov destroy someone.
Gouken: 9 - 5 I really like him. A different shoto but still familiar. He can also be silly aggressive if he wants to. Fighting him is decent. Those stupid flip kicks trick me all the time, though. That’s totally my fault but it’s still annoying as fuck.
Guile: 4 - 1 He’s fun to play really weird but most people don’t and as a result, I hate playing Guiles.
Ken: 4 - 4 Agree w/ OP
M. Bison: 7 - 6 another character I would LOVE to play well. He’s so scarey when he has momentum. Playing him is fun, too, when he’s just beating the shit out of you.
Rose: 1 - 8 Hahaha. I’m so terrible with her. It took me weeeeeks to get all her hard trials done. But, a really good Rose is fun and scarey.
Rufus: 4- 3 A really aggressive character that I dislike. I don’t know why…He’s just so reliant on Jesus kicks and that’s boring to me (even though I mean Sakura, who’s game COMPLETELY revolves around EX tatsu’s.) I hate dealing with him. So many options into ultra really make the match annoying and Jesus kicks essentially stop a lot of characters rush-downs.
Ryu: 5 - 4 I guess he can be fun if you’re rushing them the fuck down but other-wise, the zoning game isn’t really my thing. Even mediocre Ryu’s can get consistent wins and that drives me nuts sometimes.
Sagat: 3 - 9 I think he’s super boring to play but I LOVE fighting him. He’s so predictable and there’s no better feeling than beating him w/ Sakura.
Sakura: 9 - 9 Well…she’s my main and that’s that.
Seth: 7 - 7 He’s fast and crazy. What’s not to dig?
Vega: 1 - 1 Fuck Vega.
Zangief: 8 - 4 I love big grapplers. Hugo was love in 3S. He’s fun and fast which is a rare thing in fighters for a grappler. Playing good zangiefs is really fun…Playing lariat masters and butter churners makes me want to pull my hair out.

What? I have no idea what that means…

I think all the characters are fun lol. I am not going to rate all the characters.