What is your general strategy for getting in with Dante?

Ok, so I’ve picked up Dante but it’s been really hard for me to get in and open up anybody. I usually try to jump dash C but that’s useless against people who know how to block. I’ve been trying different approaches with airplay and I even have trouble punishing. Somebody help me out!

Teleport with assist or projectile cover, crouching medium has good range, bold cancel normal into air dash. There are a lot of good options. Jump C is definitely a great air move for starting combos, but sometimes you need to use Jump S (better priority and if say Akuma Tatsu assist hits it can start a combo off of it).

i like to call projectile assist, stinger into bold teleport behind them into C. if they start blocking the crossup, then airdash and hit them with a double crossup C. jump C cancelled into S can also work for a double overhead if they are expecting a low attack.

or just fire rockets and wavedash in behind them. dante has no probs getting in on people.

Tiger knee hammer (d,df,f,uf+L, d,df,f+L immediately after) is strong for overhead games also after forcing them to block a low once you get in.

I like to jump back, dash forward in the air, and approach with a j.C. If they block it you can just dash back, if not you can go into your BnB combo or whatnot.

i say let them block and do stinger+boldcancel > reverb shock > fireworks so they can know how much chip hurts if you dont let ma dante in on that D:<