What is your Iron Man team?

Yoyo Didn’t see any Iron Man team threads. I like to know who you guys like to use with him and playstyles. I love playing with my Iron Man, Thor, and Arthur team. I use Mighty Smash from Thor its uses are for hiding my corner mixups, crossups, midscreen relaunches, or just giving Ironman space. Arthur daggers of course quick assist Iron man can easily dash with them and get corner relaunch. Repular and Thor go well together covering Thor from zoning and locking down rushers. Arthur being on anchor is similar to strider/phoenix people are thinking I gotta get him first and get distracted its all to funny. We’ll thats my team what about you guys??

here you go

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My favorite Iron Man team is the teams I use without him.

Haha, just trollin’ but I like using Avenger’s with any team order plus Iron Man.

Currently doing Iron Man (repulsor) /Doom (Missiles) / Akuma (Tatsu). I think Doom Akuma or Doom Strider are the best ways to buff up a mid tier on point.

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Vergil (Rapid Slash), Iron Man (Unibeam), Strider (Vajra)

Unibeam is great for Vergil; teleports, mix ups, combo extender, etc. Rapid Slash is also great for Iron Man. Allows you to do some cool fly/unfly stuff and repulsor blasts. Strider is also great for Iron Man, as he can OTG with bombs, when you get a hard knockdown.

Taskmaster, Dormammu, Iron Man sick team right here top …

missiles is cheating. that’s why i’m trying iron man in the first place…missiles makes everything simple mode, and defeats the purpose of picking mid/low tier in the first place

…ok ok I’m joking

…not really

Haggar/Deadpool/Iron Man. Standard Haggar TOD team, Quick Work gives him a hard to blockable and assist that perseveres ground bounce, Unibeam serves as screen clearer and combo starter, both are used in combo extensions for more damage and meter gain. Standard bnb with both extensions does 808k before the THC so meterless kills happen quite frequently if Unibeam assist softens them up first, so that’s pretty nice. Happy Happy Trigger/Proton Cannon THC pins the opponent in place for L Hoodlum Launcher, Wild Swing to add more damage if the original THC lives them with a bit of health left (usually only happens after 2 bar THC, 3 bar always kills).

Deadpool benefits a lot from Unibeam. Easy to convert off it after teleport mixups and Quick Work mixups and when used in blockstrings Quick Work becomes completely safe from the blockstun of Unibeam and you can frametrap after it. Then Iron Man is anchor slot, hoping the other team does enough of the work that a comeback is possible if he has to make one at all.

my fun team is ironman/ morrigan/ doom

I’m running Dante (aa assist), ironman (unibeam), Felicia (rolling buckler). Dante is rediculous on point, so many options and builds a lot of meter. Dante’s assist is perfect for zoning and stopping rushers, plus ironman can hit confirm from any height and dantes assist just holds them in place for me.
Ironman gives me a dhc that can help me finish my plate after a swaggish Dante combo, also give me a great tac. Plus unibeam is godlike for teleport or box jump mixups.
Felicia is stupid on x- factor 2 or 3. Delta kick is positive on block so I got no prob getting in. And her assist is the best kept secret in the game, hits twice. First hit mid second hit low. Unblockables ( or hard to block) for iron man or Dante when I want to rush.

Well, I just recently picked Iron-Man, but I’m enjoying to play with Tony a lot. I run Strange (eye) / Iron-Man (unibeam) / Doom (missiles).

Basically this is a team that can make ToD combos on rushdown with Strange’s loop even from an assist confirm (if I teleport mixup with unibeam, specially if the guy is standing on the ground due to the beam not knocking him down, which allows me to do crumple combos) or even Iron-Man giving that Doom’s assist can extend his stuff too. The THC with Iron-Man allows me to keep flame-looping after it, even though I dont have too, since out of a full BnB they will already be dead.

Also, it is a very good defensive team, with missiles in the back, and Strange’s mystic swords and the eye of agamatto, or with Iron-Man and unibeam or repulsors. Other than that, it has a shitload of TAC combos, a dumb anchor on x-factor or without it, so I think it’s pretty decent :slight_smile:

Jill:Arrow Kick/IM:UniBeam/Doom:Missles/Rocks is a team I’ve been getting quite proficient with.

It allows Jill to do about ~975K combos or ~950K if I start with a s.M. Gives her two great hypers to DHC into, and both assists help her a good amount.
IM I’ve only started to tinker with, but Arrow kick gives him some neat combo extensions and Missles compliments his zoning and “rush-Down” game.

Same with Doom. Pretty good team.

May I suggest triying Strange’s Bolt’s of Ballthakk instead? It covers the X-axis and compliments his zoning game. :slight_smile:

I tried man, I really did, but Iron-Man is not that great of a shied for assists, specially one that is as long and as unsafe as the bolts…

I went with the eye for three main reasons: the first, it helps with my defensive game; then, it can lock down people for me to mix them up with overheads and lows; and finally, it allows Iron-Man for easier confirms into combos sometimes, not to say the double-repulsor it allows :slight_smile:

Lol that’s the same thing I heard when I was using Anchor Man cuz XF3 just makes him easy and blah blah. He has good assists so figured put him in the back

Missiles is a pretty overrated assist despite what it can do. Definitely top 5 assist but as they get used more people will realize it has plenty more flaws than vanilla tron/haggar. People just don’t snap or activate tac when they’re doing a combo and missiles are falling. They don’t really protect you once you get put in a combo like people make it out to be. I just use them because they’re a pretty essential cover aerial type assist that you need in this game now. Akuma assist covers dealing with start of round mash up and gives him generally something fast and safe to whip out since he’s not really the best at that himself.

Doom Akuma work well too. I figure if you’re gonna pick a non top tier you might as well give them as many tools as possible. Not gonna half ass a mid tier. He’s going to get da juice just like a top would.

Yeah I was using him with Strange for a bit and you might as well use agomotto and then some other long ranged assist. Agomotto works as a gtfo me once it activates for an extended period. Almost like a stationary more immediate version of missiles. Funny seeing super skrull try to meteor smash and land right on the agomotto.
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And this my friends is what happens to your brain when you spend too much time in SRK tier threads.

Well considering most of the people winning in tournaments aren’t using missiles and the last I saw of Filipino Champ had him running 2 of his main teams with beam over missiles…I dunno. Start of round Wolverine is starting to make missiles less ideal for characters outside or something. If top players are finding reason to switch back to plasma beam in some match ups it might not be the auto key to winning matches.

The problem is people act as if missiles automatically makes your team and your play go out to some gdlk level that breaks the game. It really doesn’t. So in that sense they’re officially overrated since people act as if missiles are their own tier above the characters even.

The subteams I enjoy Iron-Man on are:

Magneto (Disruptor)/ Iron-Man (Repulsor)/ Dante (Jam Session): Solid in any order and Jam Session lets Iron-Man close the distance from the spots he normally has the hardest time, and gives him situations to confirm off of really dumb things.

Arthur (Daggers)/ Iron-Man (Repulsor)/ Sentinel (Drones): Is a fun almost low tier team. Repulsor is my fourth or fifth favorite assist so I actually play a lot of sub-teams with him since it’s so strong. I also adore his mix up but only once he has someone next to him. >.<

Enjoying Iron Man, Morrigan, Strange another sick team unsure of who I want to point so far ironman same to be the best for the team lv3ing all day tried doom good but slow, tried Skrull unpredictable still working on the team.

Zero (Ryuenjin)/Strange (Bolts)/Ironman (Beam) is my primary Ironman team though on the side I’ll mess around with Ghostrider/Deadpool/Ironman and Captain America/Chris/Ironman.

Bolts and Beam assist? Is that really necessary? Strange has reallly good assists, why not use the eye of whatever, or the daggers of something or other. They are both great for mix ups on incoming characters… although I don’t think Zero needs much help with that. XD