What is your longest losing streak?


I think I have now lost 22 or so times and I was still having fun but that long getting beat is kind of soul crushing. Lol I just now won, but he was worse than me, like all of my wins, and some dude set it to only 1 round


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25+ vs Alioune Sensei and ErdemTEC.


Ranked matches, probably 10 or so when I was starting out.

I have a high score of 30 from training with a Japanese buddy of mine and it would have kept climbing had I not decided to call it a day.


Losing streak about 15 losses in a row.

and my win streak against random players (some good, some bad) 61 wins in a row in an endless lobby.


my longest losing streak was vs a friend back when i played abel in super. 30-0 cause super fei long was retarded. -_-

in ranked- 3.


My longest streak is 46. I had just started playing Super. Only previous fighting game experience was the occasional Mortal Kombat. Then somebody offered to teach me shit when he saw how new I was.




Pretty sure when I first started, I had multiple 50+ loss streaks.


17 losses straight to ragerunerr05 on endless, 10 losses straight to dewiljuniorr…those are some of my bigest fails i remeber
73 win streak on ranked (against randoom players)


I’ve had multiple 15 game losing streaks. Personally I don’t like to lose that much and not be learning. ZBones kept playing me in ranked and it was tied for a while then he started winning outright.

Its like all right man you got it, but kept coming back. If I’m losing to lose, I don’t wanna play.



I feel my biggest progress and improvements have come from my losses i.e., by getting bodied by someone else and then reviewing why I lost.


you mean in a single day, right?

Because each and every day I may be in a different mood. Sometimes coordination works perfectly, others it works like crap.
I dont let the losses of previous days affect my gameplay.

Regarding SFIV with that slow tempo, tiresome graphics and fx and the waiting times, I think 20 games in a row are the max I can handle. So I’d say 20 losses in a row. after that I stop playing.
In older and faster paced games like VS I usually go 0-30 before stopping due to getting tired and unfocused.

But now I dont play SFIV online that much, probably one weekend every month. hence I might not win for days, probably 1 in 10 matches in ranked.
I think I was better in late 2011 than I am now. then I played SFIV exclusively and I used a keyboard…


Around 30? I remember it took me 30 games to get my first ranked win in SF4. Nowadays, if I’m on a 5 game losing streak, I stop playing and go in training mode because it’s “clearly not my day” and come back later.


I beat some guy at a local arcade here 18 times in a row the other month. I felt sorry for the poor guy.


I lost 15 in a row a few days ago to some 5.5k pp british player. I didn’t feel too bad though because he bodied every single one of the people that joined the room. Never dropped a single combo this guy, he was mostly playing Ryu and one error meant max punish and setups


Have had a few 15 losing streaks. Whenever I get into a losing streak against 1 guy over and over, I always make sure that he’s the one that stops wanting to play me first. I never allow myself to quit cos then I truly feel like I’ve been defeated. I actually say this in my head, as cheesy as it sounds: “I will play you till my fucking fingers bleed if I have to”. 


<p>I got a lot of respect for people that keep coming back for more despite losing, it shows a willingness to learn IMO.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>


On a losing streak I only stop playing against one guy in endless when it becomes absolutely clear that the level disparity between us means that he is learning nothing and neither am I. He can’t learn because I offer too little challenge, and I can’t learn because the tools he uses are beyond my knowledge to understand and adapt to.<div><br></div><div>So I just move on.  Hopefully we might meet again someday when I’m closer to his level, so I can take a beating I can actually learn something from.</div>


well I’m embarrassed to say this, but In this endless lobby, I had over 30+ losses in a row :open_mouth: when I play street fighter I just expect to lose every time now lol


When i started summer 2012 i could count the sessions hourly sessions when i actually won a game.<div><br></div><div>Fast forward to in the last month… if im playing someone that is significantly better (generally over 4kpp) around 10-15 games i think is a horrible streak.</div><div><br></div><div>The one that sticks in my head is one guy that i lost 18 straight against. i would get rounds, get close to taking games but i would always choke and f it up :confused: but i refused to give up lol.</div><div><div><br></div></div>