What is your minset to win matches?

I got inspired to write this topic based on some of the discussions in the “Throw in the towl thread”. But generally what particular strategy do you rely on to win?

My general strategy is to not take any risk during the match and never put myself in a position to get hit. I really try to force my opponent to move so I won’t. And I try to train him to not want to attack based on my counter attacks. This way I get rid of a really huge dilemma. I keep him away from me, and I’m able to control space really well. This comes from the fact that I really have a problem when I’m being rushed down. And since I myself am not a great rushdown offensive driven player, I generally want them afraid to hit buttons against me. I also in most case try to run the timer down. Basically I really want to slow the match down so there I’m never being attack. And I try to rake up my damage whenever I can.

What strategy do you normally employ or what goal are you trying to achieve during your matches?

Sweep the leg

A lot of the moves I go for most often are things that I think will get a “holy shit” reaction. I also tend to enjoy damaging single strikes over long combos.

To win.

My mindset is to have no mind when I’m playing.


My approach is winning and/or learning, depending on how it goes.
Someone also once said “clutch” mindset. Always play as if the next hit is going to kill you. Good advice. Follow it.

Work yourself into a constructive rage. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but it ensures that you’ll leave no stone unturned in trying to do so.

it really depends of the game and the character that im playing and what char im playing against, its not the same strategy always, due the difference in gameplay in the different games, or the different style that the person has with the char, i just go with the flow

Agreed with this 100%. Even if I win the tournament I am not satisfied because I am a perfectionist, that is the attitude I take when I play in tournaments. Nothing less than perfection. Winning? That is a by-product of perfection/perfectionism. That is how I look at it, If you are perfect then you will win! Thus I strive for perfection. Perfection is the toughest goal to achieve…winning is not. Most winners are guess what??


I use to just be about getting the win…then I realized I needed to shoot for bigger goals…and that’s perfection, playing the perfect game, because if you are playing the perfect game guess what- you will win.

I usually have a mindset before the match but during it goes away lol.

I can’t agree with this, actually. Life is a resource, and sometimes using the life you have to bait the opponent into a bad situation is very useful. Acting like the next hit will kill you puts a whole lot of unnecessary stress on you.

My mindset’s pretty simple. Keepaway if I’m winning, standoff if we’re even, aggressive if I’m losing. It gets complicated when you try to define those terms, though: sometimes what looks aggressive is really keepaway and vice versa.