What is your REACTION SPEED? Take the Reaction Test




The link above is a reaction test app. after taking the test lets know your score
mine was: 0.27 of a second


Left hand 0.41, right hand 0.34. left hand again 0.32.
Interesting stuff. In the past I tried things like watching the screen more indirectly because the eyes are reacting faster on the outer regions of the viewfield.


didnt check my left hand.


0.271 for left hand


meaning my reaction time is 16.8 frames + Gen crHK 8 frames, I can punish on reaction (theoretically) any 25 frame moves.


Mine is 0.25, I like to think I have ok reactions but I struggle with reaction ultras because I often get the wrong input :c


Damn that’s fast. Reaction Ultra for which character? The Karate champ is 0.18 lol but 0.25 is gr8


Got 0,28. I always thought i had really shitty reactions but i guess I’m not thaaaat bad after all.


Yeah. Daigo will probably be 0.22 - 0.24



GOML :coffee:




0.27 with the left hand, 0.29 with the right. Compared to the rest of the world I’m in the bottom of the bell curve. Probably one of the reasons I’m not very good at fighting games, lol. I’m a bit surprised though if Daigo is only 0.22-0.24, I would expect a pro fighting game player to be at least 0.20 (high end of the bell curve) or better. Then again, if you can predict what your opponent does accurately and have great execution speed and accuracy, a few frames difference in reaction time won’t be so significant.


Reads are sometimes a factor in some crazy wiff punishes, but daigo has platinum balls to walk a mile and throw u.


0.20 apparently.






AVG 0.2774


that’s interesting, the difference in the reflex isnt that much. I guess we have to learn to be better at anticipation


I’m not sure of this means anything because in this test you’re only focusing on the green light which will increase your reaction time due to anticipation. But in a real fighting game match it can be completely different. Me still sucking at punishing Ryu’s fireball with EX neckbreaker as Ibuki is an example if the opponent is unpredictable. Plus you need to do the motions in real time which will take a couple of frames more than just clicking your mouse, especially when you can place your pointer at the “click here” button.


Well you are right, but its all about looking at the glass as half full