What is your scene like?

Apart from the tournaments and general streams, what is culture of your scene? Largely offline/online? How often do you meetup, etc etc.

I feel like its just a part of the community that goes unnoticed or is less “documented” than everything else.

My scene is only me against everybody else online and offline. I’m a loner. Ha ha ha!

fgd is above this buddy

Mostly offline, and currently pretty dormant since everyone’s tired of SF4 and are starting to hit our mid-late-twenties and get other priorities. We have a CPT-event in two weeks, but after that I expect we’ll mostly climb back and be half-sleeping until SFV hits. Provided SFV turns out to be good, of course.

This pretty much describes my scene as well, though we don’t have any large events aside from ones we create ourselves. Recently its been more dead than usual, and the online FGC is pretty putrid, given that connections are trash (for the most part).

This isn’t fgd

Wrong forum, amigo

…and scene.

Big booty bitches everywhere

Whats a scene? We movies now?

I should be played by Denzel tbh

favourite movie scenes?

this was my favourite scene in a movie

Thats a classic i gotta go with matrix reloded highway chase

that was terrible. They spent like 200 million building a highway, and I was expecting crazy shit like jumping from car to car, fighting like mother fucking ninja monkeys, but no we get Morpheus getting owned on top of a truck by one of the c tier not-Agent Smiths.

This scene is also a classic:

RIP John Candy, your natural canadian love of bacon and beer and maple syrup made your heart explode in celebration of all things canuck.

The agents did jump from car to car wtf did we watch the same scene

And technically highway scene really begins in the chalice w the merovingian

yeah like once or twice maybe…

you lose the argument for spelling chalet wrong.

picture first season of Naruto with black people

You say chalet i say chalice

one is correct:

and the other isn’t:


btw Swiss Chalet has the greatest non fried chicken on Earth

LOL. Ghetto Ninjas!

edit: or… this…

favourite movie scene

Lets call the whole thing off!