What is Your Team And Why Did You Pick Them

I run In This Order

Cable ( X-men )
Because I am a fan of him from the comics especially the cable and deadpool books and the upcoming / ongoing messiah complex / messiah war situation

Wolverine ( X-men )
Same thing I actually like him more than I like cable but his low vitality makes him my second

Ken ( Street Fighter )
Ive played Ken in every street fighter ive ever played I perfer him to ryu and I find hes pretty good to playas when I need to fight someone who should be faught up close with not as much pressure as wolvie but enough power to get the job done.

Hes fun, good assist, powerful character.

I like to beat people with mid tier characters. Awesome unblockable grab. Awesome grab assist.

My team needs to good Anti-air/“put shit in their face while they are trying to do something” assist. Good battery and run away. Also not too high tier, while allows me to sleep at night.

Iron Man
Years ago I learned to use him without relying on Psylocke or other assists for infinite set ups.



Other teams include Magneto/IM/Sentinel for combo/damage purposes, and occasionally Doom/Storm/Cyclops for keeping the pace a little slower (until Storm gets in).

Omega Red: Ever since I saw this guy at the arcade I go to own every sentinel player cables etc… with Omega I was amazed he was unstoppable and made me realize that Omega is the shit, Also because Of his looks, he looks pretty cool and love his intro.

Dr. Doom: Started liking doom since Marvel superheroes too bad I couldn’t use him there thought but When I saw that he was usable on MVC2 I knew I had to learn to use him, Plus He’s One cool looking villian and like his voice on the game.

The third is either way, Captain commando or Silver samurai, Capcom because he’s a good assist and because been using him once MVC 1 got lots of wins with him

And Silver because I’ve always liked Samurais they just look cool and Silver Looks awesome and Walks Awesome.

Multi versions of Strider/Doom because S/D is just fun as hell.

I’d stick to Sentinel, but my Sent is bad compared to my Cable, Cykes, BH and IM, so I mix things up until I feel confident enough to use Sent.

wow, you guys are starting out with pretty high tier teams which i think is a good thing.

The ones who stay and really learn the game are all eventually gonna switch to some of the more mainstream teams like santhrax, mss, scrub and msp.

But it is very possible to beat peeps with mid and high tier characters.

VDO is a dedicated ken, rogue, collosus player who whooped my ass and will challenge some of the top players.

Justin Wong beat Dark Prince 6 games with jill, ruby heart, ken.

So a lot of things are possible in marvel.

Exactly How I feel, goes to show that if you really learn with a character there’s lots of possabilities of winning.

Yeah, I’m guilty of doing that few years back, but then I sorta stopped having fun so I started switching my main character from Wolverine to Blackheart to Iron Man until I decided to stick with Strider.

I can’t say that it was a bad thing to do considering now I know how to use a lot of characters which gives me more team options to use, but the bad thing is that I could’ve spent these years learning that one character and be great with him instead of learning all these characters and only be good with them.

I Like my team i dont really care too much about Tiers or rankings , If I win I win If I lose I lose lookin good wit a team I like.

on XBL i’ve been running Morrigan/storm/tron because people don’t take me seriously :rofl:, and can’t believe it when i run through their sent with morrigan.

Ryu, Ken, Akuma: Really low tier. Rank/player mode.

Spiral, Cable, Sentinel: Lets be serious. Rank mode.

i pick ironman/sentinel/cable

here’s why.

i love sentinel with iron man assist, that shit is my b&b. I put iron man first tho just in case i can get the opponent in the infinite real quick and bring them to the corner. if ironman is doing poorly i safe DHC into sentinel and let him heal up a lil bit and then use him as assist. also, inf to corner with ironman then proton cannon dhc sentinel is pretty much a full life combo (if the pc didn’t kill them in the first place.) in best case scenario i inf with IM, throw in a reset and a proton cannon and kill the first guy, guardbreak with the infinite into proton cannon into HSF into a sent air combo and bring in cable (with lots of backup) to fight the last guy.

Ryu / Cammy / Sakura

No reason, really. Once people get better at the game I’ll probably have to change my team. But for now, it works.

Magneto/Iron Man/Psylocke

Magneto is my best character, and I love having Psylocke supporting him. My Storm’s not up to par, so I use IM because Psy sets up easy infinites. I don’t need Psy to set up IM’s infinite either. I’ll admit, he’s not up to par either, but he’s better than my Storm. I can’t really find a way to incorporate my Sentinel (which is actually decent) with my Mag teams. MSS is a no since my Storm blows, and I don’t use Team Row or Team Combofiend very often because I don’t use Cable too much anymore, and I want a higher-priority AAA than IM. I do use Sentinel/Magneto/CapCom sometimes for laughs.


mag sent cyke/psy?

I play Blackheart Beta(AA), Storm Gamma(vertical typhoon), Cyke Beta(AA), or commando(AA)

Cyke/IM/Psy fo’ serious team.

I still get X-men and Ironman comics every month . Just bloody awesome.

Sakura/Morrigan/SonSon Fun fun team.

Sakura every game that she’s in. Morrigans got dem titz and SonSon’s a lil’ cutie.

I’m still new to MVC2, but these 2 teams are pretty much the teams i’m gonna be sticking with.


I only played the game a few times, but really felt comfortable with Sentinel, so I kept him. The other two were random picks, and I pulled out some sexy comebacks against one of my online friends, so I’m sticking with 'em for now. w00t.

My old team was Hayato/Cable/either Venom or Gambit. Yea, not that great of a team, but I like playing as Hayato, Venom and Gambit are pretty fucking cool, and Cable…I just use him because he’s good to use, even at a basic level. Easiest of the big 4 to pick up and play, IMO, although when I picked him I knew shit about what tiers even were, nevermind who was top.

Of course when I finally get the Xbox version, since I have stick now I’ll be trying to learn all the tricks with Mags, Sentinel, and Cable at least.

Sent with Psy feels weird, and I stopped using Cyke about the same time I kind of stopped using Cable.

Rogue - Cable - Psy/Storm

working on implementing Storm in to the mix due to the fact that she’s a really good pair with Rogue. But I do better with Psy when its a 1v1 situation.