What JLF to put into Hori EX2?


Which model JLF should I order to put into the EX2? Seeing as the metal mounting plate won’t be used, does it really matter? Is any particular one easier to install?

Same quesion for the Hori T6.


This is probably going the be the harshest answer you’re gonna get but… none, replace them with a HRAP or a TE.

Unless you’re willing to go through great lengths since swapping in a JLF is pretty complicated for both (as it doesn’t fit perfectly).


As d3v says, the end result is not worth the effort.

If you want a JLF to feel and work like a JLF should then get a dedicated arcade stick which supports Sanwa installation. EX2’s are just… horrible in every department aside from portability.


I already have TEs and a HRAP. I just have a T6 I got really cheap and was going to mod the EX2 for a friend. I’ve already checked up on the mods, I just wanted to make sure about the model of JLF.



But the results aren’t pretty - you have been warned.


I know, it’s something to do. They’re only gonna be back up sticks. And I’ve already got buttons left over from modding 2 TEs. Thanks for the help.


Well as long as everything works out correctly for my hrap panel replacements you could get one of those and have no problem mounting a jlf


ugh, what i ended up doing instead of having a fun time with a dremel involved using the JLF microswitches, JLF gate, JLF spring and actuator.

The pineconeattack tutorial in how to mod your EX2 explains this. However you’re not gonna have a JLF inside this EX2 without real modification
this also worked with the T6