What Joystick/Button combination do you recommend?

Hello everyone, I’m a new member of this forum. I’m in the process of building an Arcade Stick for my PS3, and I just have a few questions to ask. I know that some fighting games work differently from each other, and I’d to build an arcade stick that’s versatile between two fighting games that have similar game play. I took some research, and am prepared for the project(I’ve even been reading information on the slagcoin website). I’m a big fan of the Street Fighter and The King Of Fighters series, and I’d like to make an arcade stick that can work well with both the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and The King Of Fighters XIII.

1). I know that the Sanwa JLF is the best for fighting games, but for versatility between Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and The King Of Fighters XIII, what brand of Joystick would you recommend that I use(Sanwa or Seimitsu?)

2). For the push buttons, what brand of push button would you recommend?

I don’t mind what setup I use, I just want to make sure that everything works great for both games. If this is in the wrong section, please refer to the right section where I can post this question.

hey welcome to srk forums alpha hey to help you out on your journey i believe this forum should help you out

but as far as levers go sanwa are usually for fighting games and seimitsu are for shumps
and buttons are usually personal taste hopefully someone can help you out with that

Thanks for helping me out, marcp20. I already own two fighting sticks(the Hori V3 SA and the Wii Fighting Stick), but they’re starting to get worn out and won’t respond very well. I apologize, I guess I should of put that in my starting post. I’ve had good experience with Sanwa-style buttons in my Wii fighting stick, so I’ll go for Sanwa.

  1. The first part of that sentence is totally subjective. So as for what brand of joystick? It depends on what you prefer. If you’re looking for the “arcade experience” for both of these titles, they both use Taito Vewlix cabinets equipped with a JLF. Personally, I prefer a JLF for SF games and an LS-58 for KOF.

  2. See above. It has been said a zillion times on the forum, but the best thing to do would be to spend $20 or so acquiring one of each type of button, put them all in a panel, and pick the one that feels best to you.

Thanks for helping me out, mistahsnart. I guess I could always build multiple fighting sticks, one that’s Sanwa-style(For Street Fighter games) and one that’s Seimitsu-style(For The King Of Fighters games). In fact, I think that’s the route I’ll take. I’ll even order both Sanwa and Seimitsu-style and test them out. I really like that idea. I apologize for sounding subjective.

No need to apologize, it’s just that questions like that can only be answered by the person asking it. Also: having multiple sticks around is inevitable in this hobby. :slight_smile:

As for buttons: Focus Attack is starting to carry a wider variety of Seimitsu buttons in July (including the much loved PS-14-G ‘flat-top’), so I’d wait until they have those in stock and place an order so you can get a better cross-section of choices.

JLF + PS-14-GNs.

All Sanwa.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I know one thing that’s great about the Arcade Stick hobby is that you can easily swap out parts to fit a person’s preference. I’ll give all of your recommendations(and my preferences) a try to see what works out best for my Arcade Stick build. I’ll also look out for the PSN-14-GN on Focus Attack. I like Focus Attack’s selection., they do a great job in how the website is run. I’m also glad to be a part of this awesome community. :slight_smile:

I think a more relevant question is not what types of games are you going to play, but how do you use a joystick? Do you ride the gate? Do you like square, octagonal or circular gates? Do you have trouble doing dash motions on Japanese joysticks? Do you really like the long throw and loose spring of the JLF? I know the conventional wisdom here is that the JLF (longer throw and engage) is for fighting games, and the shorter throw Seimitsus (LS-40/55/56/58) are for shmups, but that doesn’t apply for everyone.

I use the Joystick with agility, meaning that I like to make my Joystick movements fast. I’m not familiar with all of the slang terms, but if “riding the gate” means making the Joystick touch the gate, I don’t do that. I like octagonal gates the most. I feel like when I use the Sanwa JLF that is in the Wii Fighting stick I feel that my character is jumping around either back and fourth(Such as when I try to perform Terry Bogard’s “Power Geyser” move, or Ryu’s “Shoryuken” move). I don’t really feel that comfortable with the long throw and loose spring of the JLF. I tried them in both my Hori Wii Fighting Stick and the Hori V3 SA, and neither of them really suit well with my preferences. I hope that this makes things easier to explain.

Hmm…if you don’t ride the gate, why do you like octogates better? From what you’ve said about the JLF, I think you’d like Seimitsu joysticks better, even for fighting games. How much spring tension do you like? Did you grow up in the arcade era? Have you played on Happ sticks? If so, what did you like or dislike about them?

If I recall correctly:

Sanwa JLF + Sanwa snap-ins = Vewlix machines (SFIV, BlazBlue, etc.)
Seimitsu LS 32-01 + Sanwa snap-ins = Sega Versus City Machine (3rd Strike, GGXXAC, etc.)
Happ buttons + Happ stick = OG American cabs

My personal favorite is in my rtdzign mini.

Seimitsu Buttons and a LS-33 modded with a 56 spring.

Absolute joy. My pref is more towards Seimitsu just because I love the tension in each of the buttons whereas the equally as nice Sanwa have a very feather light, touchy feeling.

I like octagon gates better because seeing how command lists in some fighting games list how to perform certain techniques, they sound like it would result in more precise movements. I haven’t played many arcade games. Luckily though, I did play Soul Calibur III with a Happ Stick. What I liked about the Happ sticks is that it worked great for Soul Calibur III. However, they didn’t work so great with the 80’s arcade games(such as Frogger, for example). For spring tension, I prefer the moderate approach to spring tension. Not to light, not too hard.

What does “OG” stand for?

Original Gangsta!

Also, PS-14-G is better than GN. JLF is a fine stick but needs a harder spring. If you get a JLF on a stick you buy and want to try something different go with the LS-56/58 with an octagonal gate. Most people who try it end up liking it over the JLF.

If he’s doing a wood box, he’ll likely have to go GN unless he cuts out the notches in the wood and snaps into the plexi.

Make it happen then! PS-14-G are worth it.

I’m actually going to use one of the DIY Joystick cases from Focus Attack, so hopefully that will fit the PS-14-GN buttons when Focus Attack supplies them in July. For right now though, once I save up enough money, I’m going to get a variety of both Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks(along with buttons), to see what I like the most. Thanks everyone for helping me out!

I just asked Doug (Old Man Foehammer) about snap-ins on his new DIY cases, as they didn’t work so hot on the old DIY. His answer was yes, you can use snap-ins now.

That being said, the PS-14-GN is a screw-in type (the ‘N’ stands for nut), so it will definitely work. I think you were referring to the snap-in PS-14-G, which FA starts carrying in July.