What Joystick fits me?


I’d like to start using a joystick to play Blazblue, but I’m not sure which brand/model to go with. I don’t have any hands-on experience with joysticks that I can recall (no arcades near me either to try it out), but the following should help:

I played Blazblue on the 360 until I swapped my system for a PS3. While on the 360, I found the control stick (of a basic 360 controller) to work very nicely with Blazblue. However, the PS3 controller’s stick is more challenging for me to play Blazblue with. It’s probably too loose in comparison to the 360’s controller.

So tension could be an important factor, but I’d also like a stick that provides different options of restrictor gates, namely square/rhombus, octagonal, and circular. This is because, I don’t have any experience with sticks and I’d like to have a few options if one doesn’t work out.

The sticks I’m considering so far are: Sanwa JLW, Sanwa JLF, and Seimitsu LS-32. The JLW will give me heavy tension with possibility of circular gate, the JLF will give me loose tension with possibility of octagonal gate, and the LS-32 will give me medium tension and circular gate (going off of slagcoin’s guide).

The only game I really plan to play with this stick is BlazBlue - if that helps.

Please take the time to help me out, I’ve done my research before coming here to ask for opinions. Any feedback would be appreciated.


seimitsu ls32 is godlike

What ever feels best for you. I own and use the ls32 and jlf,s and I’m good with both because of practice, but I prefer the jlf it feels better IMO(And I play blazblue the most)

I think that an LS-32 is great for a general all purpose stick.
It has a round restrictor available and with some careful drilling and dremeling it is possible to use a JLF octo gate on a LS-32.

Nothing wrong with a JLF either for Blazblue.

Even if you are only playing Blazblue, if you ever decide to sell your stick, the fact that it is a LS-32 or JLF will sell better than a JLW stick.

JLW is more if you are used to an iL/Happ stick and want higher tension. Also the JLW needs some hacking to fit into commercial sticks with a harness.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I’ll go for the LS-32-01.

i use a JLF with octo-gate and a extra spring from home depot and i love it. i also have a LS-32 and i think its ok, just hate the small loose feeling. overall just get whats best for you.

BlazBlue is my main game and I’ve played with both the JLF and LS-32 a lot. I like the feel of the JLF better for that game. I have a much easier time pulling off double quarter circles on a JLF. The LS-32 is great if you want to play shoot 'em ups, too, though.

I don’t know what stick fits you! Try some and experiment.

I’ve tried a LOT of sticks … Sanwa JLFs, Seimitsu LS-32 LS-40 and LS-56, cheap Hori crap and some others, as well as a variety of gates… square (all), octagon (jlf and LS-56), circle (jlf). It’s not terribly expensive. If you’re building a custom, sticks are only what, $16.00 and gates are like $2.50. Pick a few you think you’ll like and try em out.

My opinion? Clear favorite of mine is LS-56 w/ octagonal gate.

I put too much arm into my motions for the classic JLF square – Its engage and throw distances too long, spring’s too loose, and without an octagon gate putting corners on up/down/left/right I tend to overshoot the direction I want to stop on and jump. JLF is for people who make precise motions, definitely not my style.

LS-32 is in between. It’s a good starting point to see which direction you branch from it. You can’t get an octagonal gate for it, though, without modding a JLF one so it fits (and JLF gates have too much throw on a LS-32 imo)