What keeps you maining Elf?

I’m assuming I’m not the only one who’s asked this question. You play someone online; a shoto scrub or someone equally useless, and you simply guess wrong on a few moves, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life. A few jabs later and the round is lost. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve raged (after carefully observing that my mic is off/unplugged :wgrin:) after losing some of these rounds, and then the same question comes up:

Why am I still using El Fuerte?

I’d have to say the majority of Elf players will say that he is just too god-damned fun to let go of, and when you do completely mindgame and obliterate a player, there is no sweeter satisfaction.

So tell me fellow Elf mains, why do you stick with him?

I think there was a similar thread made before but anyways…

Playing Elf is the most fun I’ve had in any SF game up to date, and that’s saying a lot because I really enjoyed all SF games . He has a very likable personality, unique gameplay style, and above all, a very challenging road ahead of him to overcome the other characters.

As you mentioned, the satisfaction of winning with Fuerte, especially when destroying the opponent with twisted mind games, is with no doubt without equal. I think after a lot of practice and dedication most of us eventually reach a stage where it is virtually impossible to lose to scrubs anymore. I can’t remember the last time I lost to one :bgrin: though certainly at the beginning I used to get very frustrated when losing to random players that I can easily beat with most of the other characters. But now its paying off as there are some really good players that I play with that I can only beat with Fuerte, making me feel that my time investment was well worth it as he is truely my best character now.

Its just never boring with this cook, there is always a lot to learn, and playing matches against skilled players constantly puts you on your toes, he is the ultimate definition of the word fun!

I play him because he, along with Viper and the character trailer, was the reason why I got this game. A Mexican character with charisma is too much to resist.

Aside from that, the day I played Fuerte for the first time, it felt like a perfect fit. Because I was transitioning from Brawl, Fuerte’s jumps felt like an ease into the transition which is ironic considering his learning curve. I later found out about the mindgames aspect about him and found it really fun.

Outside the internet, I enjoy making people confused when I want to so I enjoy every match while doing this and the adrenaline rush you get near the end with him. Then there’s that satisfaction that you win with who is pretty much the underdog of SFIV. Now, I’m going to second Viper for more insanity.

minding fucking people with wake up games is the best feeling in the world.
landing a focus attack then RSFing is the second best feeling in the world.
predictable patterns that are beaten by an ultra is the third best feeling in the world.

i take it all back. jumping over a blanka ultra and taunting to oblivion is the best feeling in the world.

Beating someone so bad that they just stand there and let themselves be killed. Takes the cake every time

Getting hate mail that says “cheap shit lol” after perfecting Sagat players

Because of the RSF and his mix-up game.

posted this somewhere else but…

Got my first offline ragemail today.

At the arcade after playing Fuerte and punishing this decent Ryu’s shoryukens he promptly ran over to the other side of the cabinets to say “All you got is that throw”

Few more games and he runs around and says “Why don’t you learn his other moves?”

After beating him with only tortilla and fearing that I would get in a fight over a game he gave me a skowl and did that tough guy “made you flinch” step I raised my eye brow and he walked out.

and THAT my friends is why I love fuerte

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Double Perfecting a Sagat, Zangief, Ken and everyone else.

EX Guacin’ Sagat/Blanka’s Ultras.

Countering people’s Ultras with ELF’s Ultra (especially a Raging Demon).

Anti-airing people with Ultra.

Edit: Also, OCVing a team with ELF in a tourney!

I stick with him because he’s the most fun SF character I’ve ever played (though not my #1 favorite,) he’s fast and unpredictable, and there’s not too many Fuerte players online. :bgrin:

this happened to me twice the other day and i dont know why! i beat this Sagat player first round pretty handily, and then second round he was gone. just standing there letting me perfect him.

about an hour later a ken player did the same thing. no hatemail though. that was disappointing :frowning:

Pretty much everyone said the things I was going to say so no use in being redundant.

In short: we like a challenge, and my goal is to shut down Daigo and Justin one day with El Fuerte as soon as I can ever get to go to a tournament. Real life obligations suck.

Honestly I like his rush priority, yeah you gotta do like 25 million attacks but still i like it .His hard match ups are good to challenging

Beating someone so bad that they just stand there and let themselves be killed. Takes the cake every time DAAAAAAMMMMM Love it

Yeah, that’s something I’ve enver really seen happen with any other character.

  1. He’s a new style to me, extremely fun.
  2. EVERYONE plays El Fuerte different, it’s cool to watch how others play him and what the emphasize on. Such as doing more normals or using TT or TP more.
  3. I’m just naturally attracted to weaker, lower tier characters. Maybe because they are more challenging to play and when you win, people know it’s because of skill, not because you’re playing an OP turd (looking your way Sagat).

I’ve done it with Seth. Against a Zangief.

Honestly I started maining Elf because he managed to bring me back to enjoying the game, after playing so many other characters with the same ole same ole, his shenanigans make it so I can have a smile on my face when or lose cause he drives others crazy.

Because when you beat someone like Sanford and liJoe you start to feel like playing as Elf isn’t so bad after all :love:

just wanted to put my two cents in again. i was at a tourney this past weekend using fuerte and got raped on my first match and barely won my second match. so i chose sagat and literally raped my next opponent into oblivion in round 4. feeling an empty win, i chose fuerte for my 4th match. and lost horrendously.

Yeah it feels good when you win with EF, because you know it’s all skill. I’m always attracted to low tier characters for some reason(I later find out they are low tier), probably because I like to work for wins rather than have it handed to me. Plus you can really see skill progression with low tier characters.