What keeps you maining Elf?

Agreeing with gief.

You master the basics of the game and THEN you play Fuerte.

I had a Ryu going, but I just wanted some kind of way of annoying my friends. I saw a couple of videos of Elf and I knew that he was just the character that I was looking for.

Nothing beats:

  1. The expression of a friend when they get Giga Bustered
  2. Pointing your finger in the air when Elf’s ultra lands
  3. Burning rubber (Spamming run, cancel, run, cancel, etc.)
  4. KOing your opponent with Tortilla and when the animation slows down at the exact time the “Suck it!” animation happens
  5. Annoying the hell out of my friends because they’re losing the Oki-Game

I got a hell of a lot more out of maining this character, than I was when struggling to relearn Ryu. El Fuerte. WOO!

well im still maining him cuz he’s real fun…

and the feeling yu get when yu beat Sanford, Justin, Marn, Arturo. etc.

and 2 know…yu beat sum of thetop players with 1 of the worst characters in the game…

As I recall correctly you got scraped in a money match … like 5 money matches =) haha.

Manny = #1 Fuerte!

it was like 4-1 :]

Marn = #1 C.Viper

Do you have vids of the MM?

no vids.

it was a random thing…

it happened around 6 a.m. at the ARC.

that sux but manny I have played you before. You were at a CT tourney and it was a Digital Mayhem tourney and I lost the ditto match. When you get the chance I would like to play you again. Almost forgot I was wondering who is the viper player you played.

yu talkin about the 1 that was like 3 or 4 months ago…??
and it was a 3v3.?

ok…ummm…when ii get a chance…ill add yu…cuz ii don’t play online as much…ii juss practice cuz im getting ready for NEC…

Np manny and yeah I was talking about the one 3 to 4 moths ago. We had a casual match but online does suck but anyways add me when you can.


which do yu prefer though…
360 or ps3.?

I honestly do not know…:frowning:

360 is kewl I don’t have a stick for PS3 yet

soo ill add yu on xbox live.
after ii come bak from NEC…

I play fuerte just because hes the only hispanic sf character lol, aside t hawk i guess. That and hes just too fun to let go.

I play him for the same reason why you guys do. the part i hate is when i mind fuck myself trying to out think the other person, when i do like 15 mix ups to sagat and hes only 50%, and getting killed by shotos (dont know why i have such a hard time).

playing elf is like being in a dysfunctional relationship for me.

I love to main El Fuerte because of his extreme fun, his amazing speed, and who cannot love a character whose entrance includes a frying pan to let his opponent know that it’s, “Super Dynamic Cooking Time!”

Coming from a gameplay perspective, I’ve played all the SF’s up until now and I liked grapplers that could control, but I hated that they always lacked speed. In SFIII: 3rd Strike I loved Hugo’s ability to cause massive damage, stun, AND fantastic anti-air. With Fuerte, I have fantastic anti-air, great control, AND amazing speed. Even when the new game comes out, I’ll probably be keeping El Fuerte!

What keeps me maining Elf?

Why the hell not?!

Because I like the challenges and it feels great to beat up top tier characters with him… El Fuerte is one of the most charismatics and fun character to play with, it’s hard indeed and requires some perfection, but he has the tools to be one of the top

He is el bueno, el chido, el mas cabron… El Fuerte