What keeps you motivated for SSF4?



As the title says: what keeps you motivated to play Street Fighter oder other Bemu’s? Just for general interest. :slight_smile:

Greetings Rever


Lack of taste.


What the fuck are you talking about?


The answer lies…in the heart of battle


Not posting topics in General Discussion that were meant for Fighting Game General Discussion.


SFIV sucks.


The bitches.


That one day I can beat Diago.


The waifus


Self hatred and a lack of social skills


Knowing that your mom is the star of Super Sensational Fucking 4.

Yes I made a mom joke, @Valaris‌ can you please close this thread and move it to the appropriate forum?


Growing my dick sucking skills. Because the answer lies in the penis of gays.


Knowing that I should be playing Third Strike. #It’sagoodgame


My main.



That blew up as soon as Guile wins:


spin bicep arm pose

the Ryu looks like its art from a completely different game.