What kind of bag/sacks are there for sticks?

I’ve been looking around google. Not much of the SRK but, I have not found anything suitable to hold our joysticks not just a bag in general. I’m looking for something I can feel comfortable using with out it putting tension on my stick.:looney:

I guess this is the place to ask.:wgrin:

Seems like most of the bags/backpacks people use are meant for laptops. TE stick is just a little bigger than a full size laptop, so it will fit in some of them.

I use an Apple Shopping Bag. My TE fights perfectly, and I can use the straps to put it around my back.

Honestly, I just use an old back pack I had when I was in school. It has a little area in the main back pack section that was meant for a laptop, so I just slide my stick in there. No complaints and it looks pretty normal.

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Far as I know, the Evo stick sacks from last year are the only carrying bags that have ever been made specifically for arcade controllers. They’re not being sold anymore, but they’ve been talking strongly about doing another run of them for this year’s Evo. After all, they did sell out the first time around.

If you just want a bag to carry it from point A to point B, or keep it on you at a tourney, just use a normal backpack or whatever. Don’t worry about the joystick or buttons being depressed for a while; they are wayyyy tougher than that.

If you’re looking for long-term storage, you can probably do a lot better than a bag anyway. Get a box. Or sell it. Hahaha.

Personally, I keep all of my sticks in a huge pile on the dining room table because video games are more important than food or family.

Nice, apple shopping bag. Can someone show me their Evo bag if they don’t mind?

Not mine but here’s how it looks like: http://evo2k.com/images/2009/stick-sack.gif

don’t think there is any bag designed solely for sticks carrying besides the evo stick bag (however, it looks like a regularly bag like many others)
so i suppose any bag would work as long as it fits and offers some sort of protection.

I carry mine in a Nashville Predators bag that’s just big enough to hold it

How do to make sure the stick itself doesn’t get strained?

i used to use my naruto bag when i had a standard edition stick

now i have a TE, so im gonna use either a duffel bag or a backpack :slight_smile:

Wow, those evo sacks are nice. But like someone said it doesn’t strain the stick? let’s say perhaps it’s held for a long period of time. Then what? If anything I wouldn’t mind taking one off someone’s hands:woot:

there’s that blazblue tote bag. easily fits TE and HRAP sticks.


…Anyway, I use the EVO Stick Bag personally, but I see a lot of people using backpacks to transport their fightsticks. As far as keeping the stick pressed for a long time, it doesn’t do anything. As someone else has already said, they are much tougher than that.

I’ve been doing a lot of searching and I’m seeing a number of threads for carrying sticks but I’m really interesting in bags people use to carry their sticks AND console, specifically, a ps3 slim. I attended PAX East this weekend and I came across the Tritton Gaming Backpack. I’m wondering if I can fit both in there and I can stop carrying two bags. Any thoughts?

I have the Evo stick sack and its perfect for the TE.

Otherwise, I would recommend a messenger bag, just be sure to get one with the right dimensions to hold a TE (since its probably the biggest stick you can own ouside of a custom).