What Kind Of Cab Do I Have?


A Few Days Ago I Bought This Cab Off Of Craigslist For $50. I Know Its Not A Real SF2 Champion Edition Cab Cause The Button Layout on the Control Panel and It Has Hyper Fighting In It. I Plan On Making it A Console Cab, anyone Know How To Remove The Current Control Panel? I Have No Knowledge Of Working With Cabs.

My Daughter Loves The Game!


Don’t have any info for you, but GREAT price.

How is the monitor?


pit fighter, with control panel swap


@TheStreetzKing Thanks!

@Solder, The Monitor Looks Great, Just Want To Replace The Glass In Front Of it, Its Scratched Up. Anyway to Hook The Monitor Up To VGA? Would Like To Put at Computer In There and Play 3rd Strike


Checkout the Build Your Own Arcade Controls forum. They have a lot of info on arcade restores and MAME installs.


^^ Thanks!


W-wow! Thats pretty damn nice for $50.

That wonky button configuration has got to go though lol. Also i wonder what the maker of the cab is, it certainly does not look like a Dynamo.


I don’t think it’s a Dynamo. This is my 20" Dynamo. Set up for Consoles.

It looks like one of the Many Generic cabs from this time. But it looks like it’s going to be an AWESOME project.


I have no cab:sad:


I said its a pit fighter cabinet, did no one hear that lol, they took off the ugly ass 3 player cp and stuck an ugly ass 2 player cp on there. Rip that thing off and start from scratch, seriously, go get some wood and hole saws and make a new cp. That should unbolt from the inside of the cabinet.

also please get a new piece of plexi for the monitor and get rid of that bezel and clean that thing up!!

also go to lizard lick and buy all new joysticks and buttons. IL and happ comp buttons.


From the shape of the monitor bezel, and the odd spacing below the monitor I think the cab looks like a heavily modded Nintendo Play choice 10 Cab. But the panel looks like it could be from Atari’s Klax. These old Arcade cabs could have so many conversions and mods done that its hard to figure out what was the original game was.


playchoice 10?? are you crazy LOL


Pit fighter


I have owned both.


I do see how that looks more like a pit fighter cab, I was thinking play choice 10 from the monitor bezel, also the panel does not match the one in the picture you provided.

I am thinking that now your right and its a pitfighter cab, or the main-part of the cab is pit fighter at least. That panel to me looks like a heavily modded version of a klax panel. I wonder if this is a “Franken-cab” Main-body of Pitfighter, Bezel from play choice 10 and the panel of klax, with Street Fighter 2 board

And why yes, I am Crazy; thank you for noticing


lol didnt mean that serious, And yea in my first post I said the panel was modified, the pit fighter panel looks horrible, its this big ass piece coming out and its very easy to remove so most remove it.

The bezel cant be from playchoice a playchoice bezel is a piece of cardboard around each monitor and then the 2 pieces glass, which is tinted also. OR a big piece of plexi thats bent. not cheap and highly doubt someone would try to make on fit on this cab which wouldnt work.

This cabinet just has some generic cardboard bezel and maybe the original plexi

Im confused about the marquee plexi, it swoops down on each corner, I thought it should be straight across? unless someone did that with a new piece?

All in all its not gonna take much to make this look very nice. Like I said, new control panel and plexi and your golden


I See Where I Can Unbolt The Control Panel, Thing Is Gettin In There and Not Messing Anything Up On The Inside. And There Is A Sticker Insider There That Says “Nintendo”. I Dont Know If That Is Significant Or What. My Plan Is To Go To Lizard Lick and Buy The Astro City Control Panel They Have and Make The Cab A Hybrid American-Japanese Cab.