What kind of cable is this?

Hey guys, the right (orange) cymbal on my guitar hero: world tour set recently stopped working. I saw that a portion of the wire connecting the cymbal to the main drum kit is stripped, leaving the wire exposed. I wanna buy a replacement cable for the cymbal, but I don’t know what kind of cable it is.

Pics of the cable I need:
Cymbal Cable 1
Cymbal Cable 2

Googling “guitar hero cymbal cable” just gives me ebay auctions that’ll run me about $20 for the cable, so I was wondering if I can get it elsewhere for cheaper.


looks like a mono-head phone jack to me.

Is it like a molex pin to a mono head phone??

Mono jack on one end, two pin plug on other. Molex is a four pin plug. It looks like you could buy any cable from monoprice.com with a, I’m guessing, 1/4" mono jack on on end, cut it, and splice it on to the two pin plug.